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I am using and idea from ‘chick’ For The Love of God by doing a youyou instead of a meme. ‘chick’ did a truly brilliant YouYou. She got the idea from Mum to Four. You should read them. They are so mysterious! Memes are about yourself but youyous are about all of you! I thought it would be such a fun thing to do so here I am doing one. What you do is make a list of 50 people (I did 25….I guess you could do whatever # I just don’t look at that many blogs) naming no names and something interesting about their blog or about themselves in general, how you feel about them etc. Write your honest opinion of their blog. I have been doing it a little by little so that I don’t have to take all day doing one post! I have seen some of these with quite a lot of negativity so I will try to be as truthful and honest as possible.

Some bloggers have done this about just their family members and other childhood people who have shaped them and others have done this just regarding the blogs they read. Since my blogroll isn’t that large I have decided to do a mix of the two. But mostly this post is about my fellow bloggers. Remember…don’t use names. You can choose to disclose who everyone is afterwards. It’s up to you. See if you can tell which number you are!

1) You are such a unique individual. I love that about you. You aren’t afraid of showing it either. I wish I was more like that. I know we didn’t hang out a lot in grade 12 but I am thankful for our correspondence now. I your painting/drawing. You sure have a gift.
2) Glad you are enjoying blogging. I know you wish you could post a little more often…if you had a computer. I loved teaching you how to do different things on your blog, and I enjoy when you pop by for visits.
3) I have just started reading your blog, and I am really enjoying it. It is the most beautiful blog I have ever seen. I like how you express yourself in your posts, and find such entertaining and interesting things to blog about.
4) You are such a dedicated blogger. I love how the world is such a small place and that my dorm mate at college was your first cousin! I had no idea about that when I first saw your blog. You have such a beautiful, smart girl and are such a great mommy.
5) You were my closest friend in elementary school and we have still kept in close contact since high school despite the space that separates us. I appreciate our friendship and our long online chats!
6) Yours is a website rather than a blog but I love all the thought and creativity that you put into your site. There is a lot of ‘you’ in it. I love you and I wish we could see each other more often. I will miss you when you leave for university. You have such a big heart.
7) You are such a cute family of three and have the cutest little girl. I wish I was over there to meet her in person. Maybe my next visit out west! You were a great friend in college and I am really missing those days. You are very blessed.
8) I enjoyed meeting you even though it was not for a long period of time. I enjoyed playing card games with you in the evenings, and I enjoy our online chats. Though…I really think you should think about starting a blog of your own! You really would enjoy it. Perhaps we might see each other again one day. Some have even said we look alike!
9) You seem like you are such a spunky person. You bring a smile and often make me laugh out loud every time you post. There is a lot of ‘you’ in your writing and you are not afraid of telling things the way they are. I think your girl will be a lot like you when she is older.

10) I love you a ton, but I wish we could hear from you more often.
11) I am new to your blog, and really enjoy it. I hope we can get to know each other better.
12) I know you speak English but sometimes I can’t understand a thing you say. It makes me wonder if you are a Mom imposter and getting your photos of children online.
13) I wish I were your neighbor! I feel a connection to you. You are a great mom to your boys. Every time I read one of your posts I say to myself how alike we are. Certain phrases and the way you describe things on your blog. I don’t say it every time it happens…..but it does happen almost every time I read one of your posts. It is kind of fun to think that there is someone out there so much like me! I think if we lived near each other we would be great friends. I love your comments and how great a mom you are to your boys. I smile every time I get a comment from you, I just don’t feel the same without them.
14) Your blog is only open to invited readers but I have found you unapproachable and you write about a lot of touchy subjects and you seem to have an opinion on everything. Perhaps you secretly enjoy a good argument?
15) I love that we are corresponding more. I love the close ups. You have a nice mix of photos and write-ups. You seem like such a down to earth person and I love that we can share our scrapbooking pages :)
16) I often laugh out loud when I read your blog. You have an entertaining way with words. The joy you have is always is so evident in your pictures and writing. You are a gifted writer.
17) I was quite thrilled when you linked to me. I enjoy reading up on your life’s adventures. You have a blog that I love to visit. You are a great Mom, despite all the current happenings. I love how you encourage others even though you haven’t met them.
18) You complain on other people’s blogs a lot and say negative things. That may be why I have never commented on your blog before. You’re kind of scary.
19) Your twin girls are absolutely adorable. I look up to you as a Mom, and I admire that you are so good at balancing home life and work life.
20) You never leave comments and I know you read my blog…..I don’t understand that.
21) I think you are a great person and I enjoy reading your blog. I really should comment more. You seem like a great Mom, and are adjusting to being a mom of a little boy and girl very well.
22) I just love the flower pictures. You put a lot of soul into your writing. Your pictures brighten my day, and you have the cutest boys. The sunset pictures have been by far the most beautiful I have ever seen!
23) You always have such interesting posts and I love your template. You are creative with your blog. You are beautiful and seem to have such a love for your boys.
24) I wonder if you are as happy as you lead us all to believe
25) I would like to see you start blogging a little more often! I think you would enjoy it.

If you guess who you are correctly then I will tell you. Other than that, I don’t plan on telling who everyone is. It is kind of nerve wracking not knowing, and it adds to the fun :)


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

This is a neat thing to do~although I'd have to compile it like you did over a span of days, I couldn't just sit down @ one sitting & do it. It'd take too long, lol. You were so sweet w/your comments about others blogs :) I think I know which one was about me~was it #13? Did you keep a carbon copy w/everyone's name on it so you'd know when people ask you, lol? Great post! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that...what a great idea....
Hmmm...am I on there...??? I just don't know...

That was so creative and interesting!

Wendy said...

Oh Man! Another one! I love these! It is so fun to guess who everyone is and if you could possibly be on it:)

Shanilie said...

Yup, you're both on there :)

Summer said...

I agree that this is a great idea. I couldn't figure out it I was on there too. It doesn't bother me either way, but am I on your list.

Shanilie said...

Yup, you're there too :)

laura said...

Hey Shan,

That's a really interesting post!
I'm not sure if I'm in this list as well, but I sure like it!

There is not too much knew from over here. I have so much to do for school, it's unbelievable! Tomorrow I have an exam in German and next wednesday in maths. So I have to study a lot for those and then the final exams (over the last two years) will come very soon, too. So as you see, school is controling every minute right now.

Anyways I still enjoy reading your blog.

Please say hello to everyone for me and give them a big hug, too! I miss you guys.
Is their computer working again?

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

tee hee...I had to come back and see which one I was...thank you so much!!!

That was sweet!

That Chick Over There said...

I thought people were going to get physically violent with me over mine. :P

Am I #3? I hope I'm #3!!!

Shanilie said...

Laura:Sounds like a busy time at school for you right now. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I really love getting you comments and updates. Yup, you are here. You were # 8.

Janet:You're welcome :)

Shanilie said...

lol what a coincidence! We were both typing a comment here at the same time.

Yes, you are #3. I'm glad you could pick it out. I am just loving your blog!

Summer Engh said...

Hey Shanilie, Just out of curosity. Am I number 11

Jen said...

Hi Shanilie, I don't know if I was in your list or not, I know I don't comment much most of the time. But I do enjoy your blog. Most of time I just don't know what to say in my comment. God Bless

Shanilie said...

Summer: Hey, Yup, you are #11. I guess I was running out of thing to say.

Jen: Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by. I have to admit that I haven't visited your blog in a while and you are not on my list. I wish I had of though...I could have had a longer list! :)

Wendy said...

Ugh! I am scared to put myself out there but I will guess # 15 because of the close ups and scrapbooking?!?!

Shanilie said...

Yes, you sure are! I love just love the pictures you take of your little ones. Especially the close-ups! I not just saying this but you have the 2 cutest children!

Summer said...

hey Shanilie. You are right. You are number 8 on my list. I hope we can become really good blogger friends. Thank you for the comment about my kids.You have a very handsome boy.

jrb said...

What a fun list. I'm not sure if I'm on here, but kudos to you for taking the time to complile all of these comments! (I barely have time to post a sentence or two during naptime) This makes me want to start reading all of these blogs :)

Margo said...

Ah, thanks!! You're so sweet. I love your blog and the heart you put into it! I'm sure you put that same heart into your family every day. God bless!! :-)

Ute said...

Hi, what a wonderful idea! I still have a sore throat (need to try your medicine...)but needed to post on this. I don't know if I'm on this list because I just started blogging and are beginning to read blog now. Through your blog, at which I commented the very first time I became aquainted to a lot of nice people, thank your for this.
Am I #19? The twins and the working live, well I guess thats me. Say yes, it feel so good to have someone look up to you....:-)

Amber said...

hmmmmm, #4? Brandi was your dorm mate...and if it #4 is me, the rest of what you said is so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been around much this week. It has been a busy one. I was so upset that I missed this post until just now! This is a really cool way to let people know what your thoughts are! I told Chick I may have to use this idea too, I guess a lot of us had the same thoughts.

I don't even know if I would make your list or not, but if I did, I may be 17?

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