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I was recently reading through my Style At Home magazine.....I do like the magazine and will continue reading it. This post is in no way a reflection on what I think of it, I just wanted to show you an advertisement I found inside it from the United Church. I am also not bashing the United Church as I went to one for a lot of my young childhood and had the best minister and friend of the family I could have ever asked for. What I found shocking and sad was the photo of the Bible they had filled with pink and yellow tabs, each representing agree and disagree followed by a quote in white written in the bottom yellow section of the page saying:

"Want to explore your spirituality in a place that's as open-minded as you?"

There are so many things I would like to say in response to this, (here are a few things that come to mind - just that the Word is inspired, truth, relationship, I don't really refer to my relationship with God as my spirituality) but can't seem to find the best words so I won't even bother debating and refuting all the ways that I think this is so sad. I will just let you decide for yourself how it touches you and all the things that come to your mind when you first see and read this. To my fellow Christian bloggers, how do you feel when you see an add like this?


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

This is very sad! How could anyone disagree w/ANYTHING that God has to say or his word?

Roz said...

Hi Shanilie :) First of all thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my ramblings. :) You have a very nice site here.

Now about the pic in this post. I agree that it is sad. I will never understand the motivation of following a god that is only truthful part of the time. lol I mean either God is God or He isn't. If He is then we can trust His Word to be true, if He isn't (for sake of argument) then we needn't bother with Him at all. I suppose the best thing to do for people who adhere to this kind of lukewarm, wishy-washy, "take-what-I like-and-disregard-the-rest" kind of faith, is to pray that they may one day find the joy of trusting the true and living God with their lives. I don't believe anyone that has ever truly had a relationship with Him could so easily pick and choose what they do and do not like about His Word. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shanilie,
I've seen these ads for the United Church, and they disturb me too. I know there are things in the Bible that are hard to understand, but it isn't really up to us whether or not we "like" them or not. I am not sure of the words you can use to refute ads like these, but I do know that people, religious or not, depend on things being true or untrue everyday. Many wouldn't like to admit it, but they trust that the floors they walk on will hold them, the food they eat is not poisoned, the money in their banks is actually available to them, those sorts of thing. But they have to see that for themselves, I guess.

By the way, you wondered what I'm up to these days. I am a piano teacher and (mostly) volunteer gymnastics coach in the winter, a tourist camp worker in the summer, and all year round I play piano for church, and do other church related things. Lately I've been trying an adult ballet class, which has been good so far. I'm also interested in professional organizing, although I don't have any firm plans in that direction right now. Anyway, that's my life at the moment!
Emily W

Shanilie said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I am glad that we can share together our thoughts in matters like this. Connie, I sure hope things go well with Kendall. Thankfully he's at the age where he probably won't remember much when he gets older.

Hi Roz, thank you for the sweet comment about the blog. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for also sharing your thoughts and feelings to this post. I agree with you. You mentioned several good points.

Emily: Thanks for poping by know, you might just have to start a blog yourself one of these days :) You have seen other adds, wow I guess they are everywhere. This was my first and it really took me by surprise. I enjoyed your thoughts on the matter.

Wow, it sounds like you are really keeping busy. Playing piano for church that's great. I only did for a few months once. It was such great practice, I hope to have an opportunity some day to do that again. And adult ballet classes, I didn't know you were so athletic. It sounds so fun. Well, I am glad that things are going so well for you. Thanks for keeping me posted :)

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