Hello everyone. Well I was going to wait before I changed my blog and was also going to wait till everything was completely finished but it was almost impossible to do especially since I wanted this template. Just remember that there are still a lot of changes that are being made. I hope you like it anyway.

A big thanks goes out to blogger friend
Drea who put up my header picture (a few more yet to come) I really appreciated her willingnes to help. Yes, it was her blog that inspired me to do this as well. Thank you Drea!

What I really liked about this template from Blogger Templates by GeckoandFly. was that there were links at the top of the page. This way, I could organize my posts a little better. I have been using this one for every subject under the sun. So, now, I can put my recipes in one place, scrapbook pages in another place, Jacob updates in another place and so on and so forth. I also linked Ryan's poetry and Rants pages to this.....make sense? (even my hubby wanted to switch to this template....now we all match...sort of :))We still have our own profiles so it works out great.

I was going to put all of the Jacob posts over to his site but that would have been a lot of work and I would have lost all of my great comments from everyone.....and I didn't want that! Eventually things will start falling into place. But I am happy for the change. One thing that I love about it is the white container color. I always wanted that and haven't seen many templates out there that are not too plain looking. Now I can add images and not have to worry about having the background filler color showing.

I am having a scrapbooking party at my place on Friday. My Mom offered to watch the children so we will have the house to ourselves. I can't wait! I haven't scrapbooked much since Jacob was born. I will probably work on his one year album. I will post pictures of it on Friday in my scrapbooking pages section. So, now, when you come to the blog you may have to click around for updates because some may be about me, or Jacob or scrapb
ook pages.....etc. So don't be afraid of venturing out of "A Mom's Love" page, because there will eventually be so much more to see.

Jacob had fun in the tub last night. There are several other pictures I would love to put up, but this picture is like he isn't wearing a shirt which guys do all the time so I figured I would just do this one. It is such a fun time for him and I would love to share the other ones but sometimes you just don't know who's looking at the blog. Best to be safe than sorry I guess.


Ryan said...

Shan, you did an excellent job with the new template for your blog. It looks very neat, professional and easy to read and navigate, but it still has a lot of you in it. You've definitely come a long way with blogging that's for sure. I love you very much.

Summer Engh said...

Hi Shanilie. i just want to say that you did a great job on your blog. Glad you liked my slideshow.

Shanilie said...

Ryan: Thank you sweetheart. Thanks for the comment. I always enjoy them. Love you too :) xoxo

Summer: Thanks for your sweet comments. I really appreciate them :) I guess I am going to have to get a slideshow ready as well. I guess i'll save it for another day.

Kiki said...

It's looking good, Shan!

Margo said...

Lovin' the new look!

Ellie said...

I am impressed! Your blog looks so nice! I wish...I knew what I was doing in this department. Maybe I should get your blogger friend to help me create my own blog too? Well, if I had time, I would....

Good job,


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Your new look is fabulous!!! Good job :) Sorry I haven't commented alot this week~this has been a very hectic week~I've had something to do ALL day, every day this week & haven't had much time for blogging. Your new look is looking good~can't wait to see it all as it unfolds :)

Shanilie said...

Margo: Thanks Margo :)

Ellie: Glad you like it! I am sure she would love to help you. I guess she does this quite often for people. For sure, go to her site and leave her a comment.

Connie: I understand completely :) Things can get pretty busy. I even find that sometimes I haven't blogged sometimes in 3-5 days and it hasn't even felt that long. Glad you like the blog. Much more on the way :) Hope all is well blogger friend.

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