Too Close For Comfort


I found this picture and just had to post it seeing as the holidays just flew by. This picture was taken of Ryan and I our first Christmas together as a dating couple. We were 21 in this photo ......still geting to know each other. In our case, it was love at first sight. I saw his smile and announced to those around me "that's the man i'm going to marry" We've come a long way since then :)

For a while now I have been trying to teach Jacob to sit farther away from the TV. When I am in the room, I usually have him sit on my lap or on the coach beside me, sometimes I even position him in front of the couch sitting in his blue foam chair. But, as soon as I leave, he goes back to sitting as close as he can to the TV. I don't think he really knows any better, just likes the close up view I guess. (he's barley 2 after all) I snuck this picture from behind because as soon as he sees the camera he comes running saying cheese. Someone once said that I like to show off Jacob's tricks but, they don't realize that children learn it all on their own and develop so quickly. I would like to get some less posed pictures sometimes, but he just loves to say cheese and be as close to the camera as he possibly can. He has his own personality. Also, children at that age are not doing tricks, they are learning, and as a parent or relative we love them and want to learn. I find it cute the way he is sitting on his knees with his hands on his lap. In this photo he is watching Tractor Tom. He loves to dance to the music, and loves looking at all the tractors and other machines. Typical boy I guess.

Sitting way to close to the TV

I put him in the rocking chair. Sometimes he likes to sit and rock while watching TV. I will have to keep finding more ceative places to sit him in, in order to keep him from sitting to close to the TV. It doesn't seem to last very long though.

And of course, as soon as he saw the flash of the camera he came running to me saying cheeee (cheese) The older he gets, or should I say, as each day goes by I love him more and more. Sometimes I find that there is just too much love to contain and he's only 2! My baby is growing up :( My heart explodes with joy.

This is a picture I took of Jacob at our last apartment when Jacob was 8 months sitting too close to the TV. He was this little round ball sitting there. But, this picture is actually one of the moments when he was sitting a few feet back instead of licking the TV while he was watching it. Now that is a little too close for comfort!


Drea said...

he is sooo cute. funny caleb never sits close to our tv... he always sits on the sofa by himself. Its about 15 feet away or so.

my friends 5 and 2 yr old sit really close though :-)

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog today and as soon as I saw how close your son was sitting i thought right away that you may have to get his eyes and hearing checked. he may be sitting too close because because he is having problems seeing the tv clearly. I really hope everything is ok though and i am wrong!

Shanilie said...

Funny how all children are different. His eyes and hearing are great but thanks for the input. It started when he was just a few months old and he used the TV as a means to stand up and support himself when he was learning to stand/walk. I think that must be what he has gotten used to. Most of the time he will sit on the coach but it is quite far. I have been using my parenting tools.....repitition, saying no, responding out of love is how children learn and feel secure the best. Thanks for the comments :)

Summer said...

I was reading your blog this morning and i have an idea about a way for Jacob not to sit so close. How about his own little chair that he can sit on and watch tv. maybe that will keep him sitting so close to the tv.

Shanilie said...

Thanks for the tip Summer :) He has a foam chair but, maybe a newer, fresher one will just be the thing. I got several Wal-Mart gift certificates from Ryan's family on the other side of the country.....(that way they don't have to ship anything big) we could put it towards that, and we were also thinking of putting it towards a potty.....and maybe a few other things. I will post about it though soon :)

Margo said...

Adorable. My oldest has always loved to sit that close too. Whadaya do?

That's a sweet pic of you and oyur husband. It was love at first sight, really? I think that's so neat!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

That's such a sweet pic of you & Ryan :) That's the way it happened w/Bobby & I too~love at 1st sight! About Jacob sitting too close to the tv~Justin used to do that too but pretty much outgrew it. Occasionally I'll see him doing it & just tell him he's too close & he'll go & sit on the couch. I think you're doing the right thing~just keep doing what you're doing & tell Jacob it's too close & eventually he'll get it :)

Anonymous said...

I just found out I am a c-list blogger. Fun, fun. It has something to do with how many links you put on your blog. So, all those people who link up like crazy are going to be the a-list bloggers. I don't like to link up with sites that I'm not going to be reading though. So, I will likely never be a-list, but I am having fun, so that is what counts, huh?

Cute pictures. I was thinking the same thing a few of the other commenters were saying about checking the eyes and ears. Our daughter would do the same thing, only she was in school already. We took her to get her eyes checked and she had such bad eye sight the doctor said she needed glasses pronto. Once she put them on and we were on the way home she was telling us all the things she was seeing for the first time! I felt so bad, I had no idea she hadn't been seeing well! Because she was near sighted she was able to do her work at school without the teacher picking up on it either.


Shanilie said...

Margo: hehe :) whadaya do (I like that word) Even I sat too close to the TV growing up.

Thanks Connie, I am sure Jacob will eventually out grow it as well. I alway enjoy your encouraging comments. I just love meeting other mommy bloggers. Sometimes the highlight of my day getting comments and advice from blogger friends.

Ellie: Thanks for poping by my blog and the input. Hmm....I wonder what the earliest age is children get their hearing/sight tested?

Shanilie said...

Ellie: Thanks for the *wink* for my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was in grade 10 when I first got glasses, I couldn't see the chalk board and would get my notes from my friends even when I was sitting in the front of the class. They encouraged me to get my eyes checked. I remember looking at a cat in the yard after I got my glasses and I couldn't believe it, I could see each individual wisker.....I didn't realize what I was missing! Your comment on your daughter when she got her glasses brought that memory back to me :)

Brandi said...

Hey hon! I can still remember the days when Ryan started stealing you away from us - ha ha just joking, you know we loved him. Jacob is getting so big!! He's not even a baby anymore. Yikes! (but what a cutie :)

Shanilie said...

:) Thanks Brandi. Sometimes I wish we could go back to Prov. days. We had so much fun! I know, he's more like a toddler now than a baby. Time goes by wayyy to fast! I can't get over Kalia.....she's so beautiful and growing so fast! Our lives have been very blessed.

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