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Wow! Thank you everyone. I have made it on the Top Mamma page for four days so far...... I didn't think that would happen. I am pleasantly surprised. I enjoy trying out new things but I am sure you are interested in other things besides this. But please click here before you go :)

My last couple of days have gone pretty well. I took Jacob to the weekly Parent and Tot swim on Tuesday as always. He is loving it more and more. It is quite funny though. We have such a young looking family.......we go early because right before the Parent and Tot swim there is the arthritis swim. You don't have to have arthritis to go it is almost like water aerobics. Quite fun. We take Jacob's great grandmother, Jacob's grandmother and my mom's oldest sister who is in her mid 50's. Everyone thinks that Jacob is my mom's and that Jacob's great grandmother is just his grandmother. I have to correct them and say no, he's mine and that is my mom, and that's my mom's mom. I enjoy my Tuesdays together with them. My grandfather's mother is alive as well (Jacob's great great) but I don't think we could ever convince her to come to the public pool lol. She is in her mid 90's and living on her own. Everyone says, wow, you all must have had children young....and we answer nope just look young and have kept healthy.
Ryan has also worked the last two evenings after he finishes at the high school so I don't see him from 7AM - midnight. I am thankful for his second job, but as soon as he gets more experience, his annual salary increase will really help in the possibility of him only working the one job for the next school year. After graduating from one of the most expensive universities we have a lot of things to catch up on, but we are young and that will come. We have been good at managing money to this point, so we are more than okay. I think the most difficult period for us was when Jacob was born, we paid thousands to move across the country, went to a more expensive university than the one we were at before, then two of our cars died. These are all unexpected costs. Sometimes things just can't be controlled. God is in complete control of every aspect of our lives. I guess we all have financial worries at times so, I guess you all have heard it all before :)

One thing about Ryan and I that makes us "us" is the fact that we love playing games. I have never met anyone before who enjoys playing them as much as we do. Even when we first started getting to know each other we would sit at the lounge areas at college where there would be stacks of games. We would play them for hours. Not just board games, they had foosball and I loved playing that. Some day I would like to get a real foosball table, not one of those little flimsy ones that are sometimes seen in the back of the Sears catalog. Anyway, Ryan and I always get a new game during special occasions through the year so we have accumulated a few....but much more wants to be added to that. My family members are currently borrowing a few at the moment. One of my favorite games is called Settlers of Catan. It takes about an hour to play. I have never seen any game even close to it. The board pieces are shuffled before every game you play so the game board is different ever time meaning the game played is never the same. You have to play in partners so you would frequently see us heading to church friends' homes and playing. If you have never heard of it you should really check it out. Or if you know someone who owns it....try it out. You won't be disappointed. But, if you don't enjoy games then you may definitely not enjoy this one.
My day yesterday after the pool was spent doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming and getting the house ship shape. I am obsessed with a clean house. Though, looking at my bedroom you probably wouldn't believe me. If there is anything out of place anywhere it is usually thrown in the bedroom for me to close the door on it :) because when the door is closed everything looks great. It is the one room we don't worry about. I was reading Blogger friend Amber's blog a while back and she posted pictures of her chaotic bedroom and it made me feel better knowing that I'm not alone in this..... Thanks Amber!
*click image for larger view* Jacob's "strawberry"
Picture of Jacob last summer. 8 mo. old. I wanted to post a picture of Jaocb's "straberry" they eventually go away and Jacob's is almost gone compared to this old picture. It is a bunch of broken blood vessels. Drea mentioned it in her previous post, so I decided I would post the one picture I had of Jacob when it was showing. It is on his back so in most of his pictures you don't notice it. He's my handdsome boy :)


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Glad you, Jacob, & everyone else had fun swimming yesterday :) That's such a cute pic of Jacob! One of my sister in laws kids has a "strawberry" on his spine, close to his bottom, & he really has to be careful in his extra curricular activities because if he's too rough/wild, it makes it swell :( He's 14 though so he knows to be careful. Just be careful w/Jacob's & keep an eye on it :)

Renee Shaw said...

HI, I found your site through Drea. I was actually reading the comments on the post she wrote about birth control and since you wrote a lot I decided to take a look at your site! lol You mentioned Settlers...I love that game!!! I started playng it a few years ago, and we love it! There are other versions and add-ons as well...have you played "cities and knightes"? it's an add-on to Settlers. Also there is "Settlers of the Stone Age" same kinda thing, it just takes place in the stone age...I personally like settlers better, but still worth the money to play! I have a blog as well and if you'd like to view it just e-mail me your addy and I'll give you access. I have it private because there are some people I don't want seeing it, as well with kids I feel better knowing who is looking at it! So just let me know!

Shanilie said...

Connie: Yes, Jacob is now my little water baby. Wow, he's 14 and he still has it. I always thought they usually go away. Thankfully Jacob's is in a spot that doesn't seem to cause him any trouble.

Renee: Thanks for droping by my blog. Yes, I guess I did write a lot on that post. Great to be able to share our experiences with different types of birth control.

Wow, you play Settlers. Most people I talk about it with never heard of it. I only have the one add-on which is Cities and Knights....we were thinking of getting the Sea Farers ed. but are loving playing it with this attachment. I have never even heard of the stone age version but would love to try out something new.

That is great that you enjoy the privacy controls. I have really considered it and probably will eventually switch, I hope every day that there won't be any questionable comments left but so far I've been fortunate. I would love to pop by your blog. I'll send an email right away. Have a good day :)

Drea said...

When Caleb got his hymangioma I was like "oh my gosh what is that?! and freaked out." I thought it was a bug bite because we lived at the time in an old farm house with TONS of bugs and spiders... sick... I should post about that experience one day haha.

Any how. Its funny now though because it seems like every baby I know has one! its hidden usually :-) with the acception of the lil girl who goes to our church that has one on her forehead.
They are fairly common though! weird.

Congrats on making it 4 days. ill give you a click.

Laura said...

Hey Shan,
It's funny that you guys now play the Settlers of Catan.
I know that game since I dunno, a couple of years and my parents were acutally going to send it to me when I was on my exchange. But they didn't end up doing it, because it would have been a lot of work to translate everything into english.
I just love that game! But I don't know how the pair-playing works.
Love, Laura

Summer said...

Hi. Let me by saying congrats on lasting 4 days. Every morning I check to see if you and Drea are still on it and you are. WAY TO GO!! Glad Jacob is enjoying swimming. Well Bye for now.

Jim said...


We're also HUGE gamers. Settlers is great, but our all time favorite game right now is Carcassonne. It's very unique. We also like Tikal, Blokus, and a few others. Our game collection is embarrassingly large, so I know where you're coming from. It is so bad that we are constantly trying to hook other people on gaming so that we have more potential players.

Have you found Board Game Geek? It's a great resource. My wife wrote about it on her Baby Toolkit blog:

Ellie said...

Hi Shanilie,

I tried to come on your site a couple of times today and it wouldn't let me through. The message said something about contacting bloggers about it. I decided to wait it out and now you are up again. Cool!

Sounds like you and Jacob and your family all have a lot of fun on Tuesdays! That is so great that Jacob still has such a long line of relatives.

As for games, I do like them, but not all of them. I like to play with people who know the game and keep their minds on it. We have a couple whom we play Rook with and it takes us so long to play one game because of all the chatting that goes on. Neil goes nearly "bonkers" when we play with them. lol I never heard of the Settlers game. Will have to check it out.

Interesting post, yet again. Keep it up, there is no wonder you are still up on that mommy blog thing. I will go click it.

Shanilie said...

Drea: Wow, you live in a farm house. That would have been a neat experience. I would love to hear about it.

Laura: You know the game. Awesome. I would play it with you if you were here :)

Summer: Thanks for clicking on my pic.

Jim: Thanks for poping by my blog. I don't find many people who know a lot of the game I play. Yes, I have tried Carcassonne. I don't own it but I enjoyed it with friends of ours. It is always difficult finding people to play our new games with us :) I will check out Board Game Geek for sure. I will also check out your wifes site. I enjoy meeting new people on the blog. Thanks again.

Ellie: Yes, it was doing that to me earlier as well to almost everyone on my blogroll I couldn't load their page. I really enjoy Rook as well. What's a game without some good conversation ;)Thanks for clicking on my top mamma picture :)

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