Jacob & Granddad & Pancakes


This is just another random picture of Purrdy. I just love the orange colored cats. *click image for larger view*

Jacob loves to pull the couch apart. He will pull each cushion off and use it as a slide :)

Granddad & Jacob

Jacob just loves hanging out with Granddad. They just live a few minutes away so we drop in pretty often. I will tell Jacob....we're going to Granddad's and he runs to the door jumping and laughing. We can't get his coat and boots on fast enough!

Jacob loves pancakes! He has them quite often for breakfast. He will open the fridge door and grab the syrup and go peee (please). He likes to have a little pile of syrup beside the bite size pieces of pancake so he can dip it himself.


Beckie said...

Hi Shanilie. Thanks for coming by my blog and for your kind comments.

You have an absolutely adorable little boy!! The pictures in the sidebar are a wonderful idea...rather than using Flicker or something else.

You can tell by Jacob's smile in the pic how much he loves his Granddad. We just had our first granddaughter and are loving it! There is nothing like being a grandparent.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Those are such CUTE pics :) Is that your dad or Ryan's dad? You can tell by the pics how close they are though! I like the pics of Jacob eating his pancakes~adorable! That's one of Kendall's favorite breakfast meals too!

Ellie said...

Nice photos. I do like the one of the cat. She looks so cuddley and cozy.


Shanilie said...

Beckie: Thanks for poping by the blog and for your sweet comments. Congratulations on your first granddaughter. Jacob is currently my parrents only grandchild as well. Children are such a joy.

Connie: That is my Dad. Ryan's family is across the country in Manitoba....so we don't get to visit as often as we would like. I guess that is how it is when we just make ends meet.

Ellie: Yes, he is very cuddly and never scratched Jacob...even when he at times (don't worry I do keep my eye on him) can grab fist fulls of hair and pick them up. He is such a patient cat!

Ute said...

Hi, what a beautifull cat, I adore cats, we have a dog and a cat, but my Milou definitely ist my first "child" (she ist 8 years old now).

The pictures with your father and Jacob are great. You are lucky, that you are a young mother and that Jacob can enjoy his grandparents. My dad died a week before the birth of his first grandchild. This is 6 years from now, but I'm sure, that somehow he can look at his grandchildren and is very proud of all 4 of them.

Great pics of Jacob eating pancakes...by the way the german word for this is "Pfannkuchen"..an the girls love them as well.

Beckie said...

Shanilie I couldn't get to your shout box or email you. Email me at Homefries2005@gmail.com.

Shanilie said...

Ute: :) Yes, cat's are wonderful.I am still waiting on a dog till I can find the right one and one that is good around children...any suggestions?

Thank you for sharing your story about your dad. Wow, a week before. I am sure that must have been a rough time for all of you. I am sure he can see them as well.

Beckie: Oh dear....sorry for any inconvience. I''ll email right away! Thank you :)

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