Visiting Family: How It's Supposed To Be


These are just a few photos that were taken when we went to visit Doe and Granddad. Jacob loves them both so much. He spends almost every other day with them either by visits, going shopping together, or going out for breakfast. I will tell him "We're going to Granddad's" and he will rush to the door because he knows exactly what I mean. One time, I told him we were going to see Granddad while he was out at another relatives house. As soon as we pulled into the yard he started crying because he knew that wasn't Granddad's house. He cried till he got inside and Graddad held him in his arms. Too cute! Jacob loves his family so much. Our days are not the same if we don't visit someone, even if it is only for a few minutes in the evening before bed. He loves it, and it tires him out so he sleeps better at night......and that makes me happy! We are all a close family and we live within a few minutes of each other so why not visit!

In His High Chair @ My Mom's - *Click immage for larger view*

Close Up of Pepper - *Click Immage For Larger View*


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Such sweet pics~family is what it's ALL about :) That's great that Jacob is getting that foundation already :) You're such a great Mom :)

I know I haven't had a chance to comment & visit lately, but I hope that you & your family are all doing well & that you have a wonderful 2007 :)

Shanilie said...

Hi Connie! How are you holding up? I completely understand that you are very busy with looking after your famiy. I sure hope Kendall is feeling better soon. Right now Jacob and I both have pretty bad chest colds. A lot of rattiling. I hope it doesn't start bothering his ears. So sad when our children hurt!

Shanilie said...

Talk about good Mom's, you not sleeping in your own bed for days when your little babe was sick! Mother's Day should be every day! :-) Kendall is a lucky boy.

Laura said...

Hey Shan,
I just love your blog. It's such a good and easy way for me to be up date about your guys' lifes.
I didn't know Grandad has a beard now. Looks good...give him and Doe a big hug from me!
Miss you all, Laura

Shanilie said...

Glad you enjoy it Laura! I enjoy it. Yea, Granddad likes to grow a beard in the winter months. It is sporatic but he says it helps keep him warm. He looks sooo different I think!

I sure will give hugs! Luv u. I'm still should try bloging some time. You would like it. Even if not to post pictures but to just write. Check it out here:

Very easy & Free! I'd love to hear what's going on over there!

Rachael said...

Thanks for helping with the blog again last night Shan! I had fun with the blogthings site.

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