Swimming Upate


Well, Jacob and I went swimming again today. It has been a weekly thing now on Tuesdays. Jacob is becoming more and more comfortable in the water now. We go to the parrent and tot swims and it is only $4.25 for the both of us. Pretty reasonable. There were several other children Jacob's age in the water today and they were all laughing, waving and smiling at each other. Jacob has been floating on his back, kicking his feet, splashing and putting his face in the water blowing bubbles. He even held onto the noodle by himself....he didn't know I wasn't holding on to him. He has to have that security. It is quite funny. In the shallow end, the water comes to his under arms and his feet can touch but he is used to having his legs around me that when I put him down to stand, as soon as his feet touched the bottom he completely freaked out. Even when he was still holding onto me and walking over to the toys on the other side he would rather have his legs out that have his feet touch. Hmmmm......I wonder why that is? I have heard of adults drowning in 2 feet of water so maybe that is the same sort of feeling?

The blog is still under construction. There are things I want to do to it that I don't know how so, I am kind of sad that it isn't up and running yet. It is the type that links to other blogs so Ryan's poetry blog will be attached. I am also doing a separate blog for recipes and also my scrapbook pages. I said I was never going to have more than one blog.....but I guess I had a change of heart :)
I have not been taking many pictures at all lately of Jacob. I had better get on that! My blogs seem so barren without them lol.

As for an update on baby making.....I am 2 days late.....but don't worry, if I was expecting I would announce it in a better way haha, but I just thought I would say that to keep you all wondering. Plus, I really don't know myself...I had better get on that too :)


Summer Engh said...

Hey Shanilie if you are pregnant that would be awesome. How are you feeling lately? I guess you will keep us waiting with curiosty whether you are or not. keep us posted.

Shanilie said...

It came today so....we'll keep trying. I just love using the blog as a place to record and share with everyone my wonderful blessing. I'll keep you all posted.

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