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New Jacob Post! Take a look from time to time at his site by clicking on his link at the top of the'll get the hang of this soon enough ;-)

I've Been Tagged:

My blogger buddy Drea tagged me... so here goes. THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. Rubbing my feet together helps me to fall asleep. I can't help but rub my feet together even when watching tv. I even catch myself doing it when I am if you see me I am usually sitting cross-legged just so my feet are close :)

2. I won't swim in lakes. I only swim in salt water

3. I hate honey, couldn't eat it if you paid me, hate the smell, in cooking.......anything. but my favorite dipping sauce is honey dill.....I don't understand that myself

4. I have to have a flat pillow. I hate the fluffy ones. Ryan bought me a beautiful goose down two chamber feather pillow and I hated it because it was fluffy.

5. I don't eat sweets. I am completely healthy, colesterol and blood sugar levels in the low normal range. I just don't enjoy sweets. I even hate ice cream.....but Ryan lives off of it. I appreciate our opposites :)

6. Ryan and I were engaged after four months of dating

Just thought I would add this. I had my nose pierced shortly before Jacob's one year birthday. My grandmother wanted it done and didn't want to do it by herself so I went with her. It hurt more than anything I have ever experienced. They use a hollow needle and had to leave it in for a minute while they get everything hurt!!! I loved it but one night it just came out when I was sleeping and by morning I couldn't get it back in :( My grandmother still has hers and I know she would go and get it done again if it healed over but me.....I can't go through that pain EVER again.

~ -> I don't know if any of those would be considered way out there odd. I am sure there must be something else that I am forgetting about. So, if anyone knows anything about me that is odd or unusual please share. Jog my memory. I guess I am going to have to tag someone so I will tag: Ellie, Connie, Brandi, Charity, Summer, Ute. Have fun!!

Today went really well. Mom came over and picked Jacob up around 9:00AM and then I was free ..... for a few hours. Though as much as I enjoyed it I kept thinking about Jacob. I would look around for him and even at times think I heard him (i'm not going crazy or anything) just certian sounds around the house reminded me of him. It is almost three and Mom isn't here yet, so I am enjoying the last few minutes of alone time blogging.

My cousin Elizabeth and my Aunt Sandy came over, and later on Cathy, Doe and Molly. Molly is a little older than Jacob and I kept accidentally kept calling her Jacob. I am not good with names at all. The day was a success. I was able to get 4 pages done in Jacob's one year album. I will post those pages in my scrapbooking section at the top once I get some new batteries for my camera :-( I usually keep extra batteries in the house so I guess I'll have to wait before I can post any pictures, and of course this happens on a day Ryan works at high school then his evening job. He won't be home till 11 and I will be in bed by that point.


Roz said...

Hi Shanillie, I love the way you have your blogs connected with the tabs. Could you tell me what program you used to do that?

Drea said...

Wanted 2 tell you I tagged to you on my site, so check it out :-)

Summer said...

Hi Shanilie. I agree with roz about the way you put the tabs on the blog page. Cqan you teach me to. Thanks and enjoy your weekend and doing your scrapbooking.

Ute said...

Hi, I love your new blog, I think this template is great. I checked out the templates of gecko and fly and think this is the best one. the changes you made are very good looking, you choose the right colors, I never would have known how to do it....besides I never would know how to fill all those links....great work! Where do you all the funny backsides get from.
Have a nice weekend!

Shanilie said...

Thank you all for your comments. The template I used was found at gecko and fly (link in my Bowered By section in the right side of my page) You just download it and replace your existing html code. You can only do it under the old blogger though so hopefully it works for you. It forced me today to switch....wouldn't let me in :( Thanks for the compliments on the blog. I had a lot of help from blogger friend Drea. Her link is also in the right side of my sidebar.

Drea: looks like a fun meme. I'll do that now :) Thanks for the tag :)

Drea said...

i hate honey as well. haha but i did use a natural honey mixture for my face one time.. that was gross but it really worked.

and.. hmm.. oh! I hate salt water. I will swim in a lake before a ocean :-) so we are the opposite there.

I dont enjoy ice cream either unless its on an ice cream cone. .. and if it is the icecream has to be almost leveled with the cone. I dont like it stacked. Travis loves it though. To sweet.

I prefer some cinnamon toast over ice cream any day.

and wow... your grandmother wanted you 2 get it pieced! thats so funny. I bet it did hurt. It looked cute on your thought. I dont have the nose for one.

Margo said...

Did the nose piercing hurt? I had my belly button done prior to the kids being born, now I don't have much of a belly-botton left! LOL

Margo said...

Duh, you said it hurt bad. I'm sure it did!!

Ellie said...

So, if you have switched to the new beta there anyway to switch back? I really love your site..the tabs are just awesome!

Hey, thanks for tagging me...I will probably post it on Sunday as tomorrow is the ~Weekend Wink~.


Shanilie said...

Drea: That's neat....not liking honey and ice cream as well.....but not liking salt water!? I guess that is a big difference. lol I went swimming in a lake once and got a leech wrapped around my ring finger! Scary....I love swimming in the Bay of Fundy because it empties and fills 2x/day so despite the muddy color it is one of the cleanest places to swim anywhere. Plus, because of the highest tides no large fish, whales, sharks or whatever can't get in. There are no jelly fish in the bay either and because the ocean floor is uncovered when the tide it out the sand has time to get really hot with the sun beating down on it so it can also be a really warm place to swim. and lastly, I don't like to see what i'm swimming with. But, I have seen some beautiful lakes on tv etc. that I might consider.....just none around here lol. My hubby only ever swam in lakes before he met me as well. I love our differences.

mmmmm. Cinnamon toast. Yum.

Yup, I've got a pretty spunky Grandma.

Margo: lol, I used to really want my belly button done, maybe someday after my child bearing years are over and I get back into shape! I see pictures of when Ryan and I first dated till now ...... scary!

Ellie: Glad you like the blog. I am pleased with the changes. I considered having more than one blog but would have been complicated having to link it on the side bar and was sure people would miss it, this way they just have to scroll to the top.

Ellie said...


If you open The Cedar Chest you may find a wink there for you! Enjoy!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Per the above wink, I found your blog. Ellie sure knows how to find them. I'm envious of your layout. Good luck with the baby. Probably one of the best inventions of all time is The Diaper Genie. Are you using one?

Shanilie said...

Ellie: Ohh fun fun. I'm quite surprised....i'll be right over!

JR: Thanks for coming by my blog. Glad you enjoyed it. Children are such a joy....most of the time :)

I used a diaper Genie when Jacob was quite young, but now, I have retired it and am just using my kitchen garbage can. It gets taken out daily and saves some time. But when Jacob was really young it was great! I loved the way it locked out odour and it held a lot. It sat right by the change table so I just threw it in and never left Jacob's side :)

Char's ramblings said...

I wish i had that pillow that you hate... I had a pillow like that but it was lost on the trip back from out west :( i have never been able to find another one like it yea I love those pillows

Shanilie said...

Hi Charity :)That is too bad you lost your pillow. They are a good investment. You should check out home outfitters. They have some really nice bedroom stuff. Thanks for the comment. I would love to give it to you but Ryan adopted it :) I don't think he will use any kink of pillow other than feather. Me.....never. lol

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