Relaxing With Dad


*click image for larger view* Jacob sitting in the other computer chair.

*click image for larger view* Relaxing with Daddy. I looked over and Jacob was laying on Ryan and watching TV. Too cute.


owlhaven said...

Hi! I saw you on TopMomma

Cute little boy you have!

Mary, mom to many

Shanilie said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site :) I have been enjoying the Top Mamma experience. Thanks for clicking on my picture :) Please feel free to pop by again some time :)

Drea said...

hes so sweet.
caleb loves daddy time like that. Its special.
Do you think he favors you more or ryan? I think he looks like you

Shanilie said...

It is hard to say. Some days he just wants to be with dad then other days me. I think he misses him when he is gone for the day. As for looks, Jacob did not turn out at all how I thought he would look. I was expecting a tall slim boy, instead I got a sturdy shorter boy....though he is getting taller than I thought he would. When he was born he looked just exactly like baby pictures of my brother and has the exact ears as me and a few other features, but other days I just see all Ryan. I think it is amazing to see all the traits that they pick up. He has dark dark dark brown eyes like Ryan's that I absolutely love. Maybe my next child will be blue eyed and skinny lol :) who knows. Fun to think about anyway.

Shanilie said...

I'm sure you already gathered but just for clarification my eyes are blue, so I don't know what would be the dominant trait because it is 50/50.

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