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This is a picture from Jacob's 1 year scrapbook. *click image for larger view*

Ryan wrote a poem for Jacob before he was born and I put it in Jacob's scrapbook. I have a baby book but I also wanted to do a scrapbook specifically for Jacob's first year. I only have a few pages done but I just wanted to share this poem with you. Ryan is a very "artsy" type of person and expresses himself better through words rather than through a lot of talk. I love this about him. He also recently started his own blog as a place to write. I know he doesn't get the opportunity to write as often as he would like, so I mentioned blogging to him and he thought that was a great idea. You can check it out here if you would like http://www.elderzosima.wordpress.com/ Here is the poem:

I've never even met you and you've changed me
I feel I am so much more because of you
Because of you I've grown: learned love
I've even felt more loved through you
My heart jumps as you do when you hear the sound of my voice
I'm thrilled to know that you know me

I am humbled at the thought
Of being responsible for you
Of being a father
Of having someone call me Dad
I want to grow as much as you will
To teach and help you learn
And I want you to teach me
To help me see new things; to feel more

I want to see you discover yourself, your identity
(You are named after your great grandfathers. I wish I could share more of
Them with you, but I barely knew them myself, though they greatly
Influenced me)
More will come as you grow up

I don't always feel that I will be able
to be the kind of father I want to be
I know that I will disappoint you
I wish I could promise to always be there
every time you need me to be

But one thing that I can and will promise you
I am your father and you are my son, Jacob
And you are, and will always be loved

Hip Thrusts *click image for larger view*

Last evening Jacob was laying on the floor doing some hip lifts. It was so cute! He would lift his hips up them come down as fast as he could. He did it over and over again like he couldn't do it fast enough. He brings a smile to my face and brightens so many of my days. (as a side note, you might be wondering why Jacob always has the same grubby old blankets with him in many of his pictures....believe it or not he has a sookie blanket. (though he has so many beautiful ones I love but he hates lol. Those two have the satin edges that he loves to suck on. One night at just a few months old he was crying and crying at bed time which he never does and both of his blankets were in the washer. I finally dried them and gave it to him and he stopped crying. Even since then he can't sleep in the car without it, or even get up in the morning without grabing it. I guess that is one of the things about him I thought I would share. He doesn't enjoy cuddling, hugging, being confined in any way, never sucked his thumb, never used a soother though I really wanted him to. He always says please when he wants something, loves giving kisses, and will grab your legs and shove you to where he wants you to go. He says wow we to pretty much anything and loves talking on the phone.....ok there are a few more things) :)
It is -33 today with the windshield, it came so suddenly! One day it was above zero and now it is this cold! The weatherman has said that it should be like this the rest of the winter...+12 one day then -33 another (up and down) so it should be a fun winter.
I should be thankful though because being a teacher we can look forward to snow days! and guess what?! Ryan had a snow day yesterday. It was nice having him at home on a day other than the weekend. I wish we would have more snow days.....but I don't want to miss out on the $. Bitter sweet I guess.

On another note I love wood heat (which is what we have) it is usually like a sauna here but the one draw-back is having to constantly run down stairs to keep it going. It can be a little cumbersome in my day. Because it isn't air tight, I have to make sure I go down at least 2x an hour. Especially on cold days like this one. I guess I will get my exercise today!

P.S. And to any new viewers please feel free to drop a line in my c-box!


Ute said...

What a wonderful poem. Jakob is lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Here in Germany we had a very warm winter till now. Today it's sunny and +13 degree Celsius!! So, now at 3.00 p.m., I will grab my girls and the dog an have a nice walk. I put a picture on my blog how the garden ist looking right at thist moment.

Jessica Marie said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by reading through my blog. I liked reading through yours as well. It's such a neat way to get to know people from all over the world. God Bless, Jessica.

Summer said...

Hi Shanilie. I just want to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. That poem is very nice.

Laura said...

Hey Shan,
I just love Ryans poem!
It's amazing!
Jacob looks as cute on the pics like he always does.
Hope you guys are doing well...
Love, Laura

Shanilie said...

Ute:Thank you. Wow, you guys are getting such warm weather. I would love to be able to go for a walk...but Jacob cries when he is cold :( not an outside lover at all at this point....maybe when it starts to get warmer.

Jessica: Glad you stopped by the blog. Pleased that you enjoyed it. I enjoy "meeting" new people on the blog as well. I'll be back :) lol

Summer: No problem, I like to recieve comments so I try to be dilligent is sending comments as well. Who knew this could be so fun!

Laura: Thanks for poping by. I always enjoy your comments. I hope things are going well in Germany. How is the weather there? Is it as cold as it is here? Too cold for my liking but it is supposed to go up again tomorrow. Gotta love NS weather, always changing.

Margo said...

That is so sweet. Ryan is a great Daddy, huh?

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Aww, what a wonderful poem~I know you're proud to have such a wonderful father for Jacob :) Jacob is lucky to have such great parents :)

Anonymous said...

Your husband has talent! Good for him! I will have to go check out his site someday soon. At the moment I have to get back to my site and do some posting there. It's been a long day and I have a few things to say. :) (Like I don't always! Motor mouth Ellie!)


Laura said...

The weather is like crazy over here. It's so windy...I guess it was never as windy here before. All the trains are stoped and the wind is supposed to get to 200km/h.
But tomorrow, as they say, it will be normal again.
I just hope that we won't loose power, because with only two people in the house that would be pretty boring with time.
I really enjoyed the powerless time when I was in Canada thoug. That was fun!!!
Well, thats about the new from over here...
By the way do you know if my parcel arrived yet?
Love, Laura

Shanilie said...

hey laura. Thanks for the note. Yup the parcel arrived last week some time. Thank you sooooo much! I just love chocolate! That was very sweet of you to think of everyone. I am sure it isn't too cheap sending a parcel internationally. sounds like a nasty day. Keep warm...I am hoping for another snow day tomorrow :)

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