Pain = Anger?


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You are probably wondering about the title. I know, I know a little odd..... Have any of you ever dropped something heavy on a fingernail or toenail so badly that it actually turns black then eventually fall off? Well, that has happened to me 3 times on my left big toe! It has turned black, fallen off and grown back three times! I just had a nice new nail all completely grown back then today, while I was carrying a pile of wood to the furnace and putting it down in front of me a large log landed on that toe! That was 3 hours ago and it still hurts! I was not happy.

I was holding back the tears, Ryan came down to see what was up because he was heading out the door to work and he came over to give me a hug and I kept telling him to go away. Anyway, he had to leave, he said he loved me then off to work he went but my goodness! Ouch! I was so mad! I would have rather the log land on all my four little toes than the one big one! Maybe it is just me, but when I am in physical pain, anger is close to follow. I also want to be left alone.

Hugs and being asked "are you okay" only make it worse. I know, I might be alone in this but that is how I am. I don't think that it hit so hard that it will turn black but it sure hurt! Gurr. lol. Does anyone know what could be the reason for this? If so, I would love to know. There, you just learned a little bit more about me ..... not just all the good stuff. :)


Well, so far I have made it one day ...... closer to two days on the Top Mamma page. I also got a few new people comment on the blog who saw my picture from the Top Mamma page. So it is also a great way to advertise your blog and add more traffic. I am pleased that I was able to get on the page at all. I have been quite surprised about all of the referals I have been getting. So, lets see if I can last another day, so don't for get to click on me at Top Mamma! Thank you all.


Drea said...

ouch... Travis had a car battery crush his thumb nail last year... the entire nail turned black. To release the blood from the nail he stuck a sanitized needle though it!! He did this in front of students ... The guys were all like "THATS AWESOME!!!!" THE GIRLS WERE LIKE "ewwww!!!!!!!!!" iT SQUIRTED BLOOD. He waited to long to do this though so his nail did end up falling off :-| Its back now though.
Ive never hurt my nails that bad... but stubbed my toes many times... and yes I get angry :-O

Summer said...

Hi Shanilie I remember when I was moving a chair and it fell and it hit my big toe and it hurt alot. It turned black and it fell off. So you are not alone when you drop things on your foot. Congrats on lasting one day on Top Momma.

Shanilie said...

Drea: Ouch! I have heard that poking a hole in the nail helps but, I have never been able to bring myself to do that. Yikes, If I had of been there when he did that I would have joined in with the other girls saying EEWWWW......

lol, yes even stubbing my toe can put me in an angry spot....just till the initial pain is gone. I am glad that I'm not alone in that :)

Summer: Sounds like that hurt a lot. Thank you. Hopefully I can last a little longer!

Danna said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Nice to meet you too! Congrats on the Top Momma page...I didn't even know that existed. I'll be sure to pop in more often!

Shanilie said...

Hi Danna. Thanks for popping by. I enjoy meeting other mom's.

Anonymous said...

I agree, unless I am having a heart attack, or convulsing or something major like that I prefer to left alone with my misery! I think I have only once had something land on a toe in which I can "remember" the pain, but my nail didn't turn black nor did it fall off.

I will go click on the Top Mamma page quickly before I have to get ready for work.

Margo said...

He is such a cutie patootie! Congrats top momma! ;-)

Anonymous said...

How's the toe this morning? I am sort of under the weather today, so I took a sick day and am going to pamper myself all day! See you around.

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