My Rant For The New Year & Another Meme


~~~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2007 ~~~~
I hope everyone had a happy new year. It is hard to believe it is now 2007! A new slate, a time for new opportunities. I hope it will be a year for progress and positive change. It has been a long road to this point and I look forward to be able to get ahead instead of always playing catch up. I want to be able to feel settled, build roots, and be more organized with time. I am sure with a few small changes I can make a big difference and feel a lot less stresses in the process. I don’t really do resolutions….lets just say that I have a few goals that I would like to achieve this year. We’re not perfect that’s for sure!

On a different note I have to rant about people who don’t like blogs! I am the type of person who tries to please everyone and ends up getting hurt in the process. I have come to the realization that some people are just not pleasable. For some time now I have been dealing with people who complain all the time, nothing is good enough. If you don’t like the blog then just say so. I guess you don’t want to have anything to do with us. I can tell you that there are many people that appreciate it and are thankful for it. I am not going to stop just because one or two people think it isn’t good. This is my way of communicating and I will continue to blog, so stop trying to make our lives more difficult because of your selfishness and self pity. You do what you can with the resources you have, that along with prayer, and then wait and see what seems like futility in the whole matter. I know it sounds odd but what’s a blog if not a place to try and express yourself in some little way. I am just realizing that if I don’t stand up for myself how am I going to do that for my son? As a mother the desire to protect just grows. My little rant was just because there are several people out there who have told me they are not into the whole bloging thing and they don’t like the fact that I do. I don’t give out personal information, or specific names. It is safe. Can any of my fellow bloggers help me to ease so of the concerns some may have about online bloging? Do you have any reasons why you like bloging? I could put up the blogger protections by inviting specific people, but I am sure that those people would look at it but still not be thankful for it. It is funny how some people can look at other sites but not have any reservations about that. The blog is no different. Blogger friends please help me ease others’ reservations about bloging. Thank you!

Another Meme

I haven’t been tagged, but I saw this on blogger friend Margo's blog and thought I would do it. All you have to do is name 5 things that are unknown about yourself.

1. I’v lived in 7 places in 3 ½ years
2. Between my husband and I we have almost 6 degrees
3. My first year of school I wanted to be a Missionary (that changed), now I am a teacher but I still have dreams about doing other things. I guess I am going to be a lifer student. What should I try next?.....
4. I played the piano for my home church last year. Played the violin when I was younger.
5. I worked at a lighthouse (site of the world’s highest tides)

I will tag
Drea, Connie & Brandi


Rachael said...

I enjoy you blog! I mean who could resist my cute nephew! Keep bloging! We all love it!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Happy New Year 2007 to you & your family :) I personally think blogging is great~I wish I'd started mine sooner! It's a wonderful way to document things in your life & in your kids lives & you can look back on them & smile :)

I don't have time right now to do the meme, but I'll do it as soon as I can, OK :)

Cait said...

I like your blog, I don't see any reason not to. I use piczo and you used to and everyone looked at it. Funny how that is.

Keep bloging. I am going to be in university next year away from home and I want to know what's going on!

Don't worry what other people think. You are a great person and it is not your problem people if people choose to not like the blog. They should be greatful to have the opportunity!

Shanilie said...

Wow, thanks everyone! I just posted this too! It's neat how we can all be doing the same things right around the same time.

Thanks for all the encouraging words. I love getting comments. Most of my fam. doesn't have a computer but when they visit or are at a place where there is internet available they look at the blog. Even my mom has left comments and she is the most computer illiterate person that I know. Praise God for a families love and support! I guess that is why I am here.

Char's ramblings said...

I got ur message and sure I would love to chat with you agian :) I hope you had a great holidays I know i did but it wasn't long enough and ps the blog is great I don't like writing on mine so that is why i just put up pictures...if people don't like it or always find somehting wrong then they should just stop looking at it... simple solution to a simple problem.. it isn't theirs so why should they care... anyway i am done ranting have a good day and luv u

Shanilie said...

Thanks Charity! Everyone needs to rant every once in a while. Hope things are going good, thanks for poping by my blog. You are right....maybe they should stop looking at it. Anywho, talk to you soon!

Laura said...

Hey Shan!
Don't you worry about the people who critize your bloging.
There are so many people who enjoy your blog! It's really good!

Shanilie said...

Thanks Laura! Such a sweetie.

Kiki said...

I used to be against blogging, but then I made one, so that makes me a flaming hypocrite!

It's definitely an interesting community, this blogging world, and opens up new areas of ethics as well. Often people are more honest on blogs than they are able to be in person. And if the wrong sort of person reads something out of context, it can get you in trouble as well.
Basically I had to grow a thick skin, and realize that the people who know and love me can ask for clarification, and the haters can say whatever they want, and wallow in their pools of pessimism and know-it-all personalities. No one forces anyone to read anything.
I used to be really paranoid about the whole privacy/personal information thing. I do agree that you have to watch what you say to some extent, but honestly, in this day and age it isn't that hard to find out about people, with or without blogs. As long as people aren't doing the address/telephone #/nude pics of babies thing, you'll probably be okay.

Shanilie said...

:-))) Thank you! Wow, that was really well said. I always enjoy your input. You're right though things could be easily misunderstood. I guess I am working on my thick skin :-)

There was one time I had this really cute picture of Jacob during his bath but Ryan convinced me that I probably shouldn't. I didn't even think anything of it. It made me think twice about what pictures I upload that's for sure. Thanks again~ Happy New Year~!

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