My Great....Not So Great Date


Ryan and I experienced something this weekend that we haven't experienced since we had Jacob. We had a date! Jacob slept over at Mom's and we were just the two of us! It was spur of the moment as we were waiting for our tickets we purchased with our air miles points. They came and everything fell into place.

I had gotten a gift certificate for Scrap booking Memories and for Wall Mart for Christmas that I hadn't used yet so since we were in the city I got to use them :) Jacob finally has a potty. It was the most basic and cheapest one they had but it was by far my favorite. It had bright blues and yellow (that I know Jacob will love) and it was all one piece! They had ones there that played music and converted to a toilet seat cover for regular toilets and then converted to a stepping stool. Jacob just loves taking things apart so I was looking for something that didn't come apart! Eventually I will probably purchase a toilet seat cover for him as well as a stepping stool but I will do that when he is a little older. Also, because the other's played music while you were sitting in it I knew that it would be distracting. So conclusion is......the most expensive things are not always the best things.

Now about our date......It was great, and wonderful to get out together. Company was great, movie was great.....but it was the little things that I just have to laugh about:

1. Our air miles tickets turned out not to be empire theater tickets so we had to pay for it anyway (air miles is working still on sending us the right ones, so we will get our free movie....eventually)

2. At our favourite restaurant Applebee's they ran out of honey dill sauce :(

3. I spilled half of my popcorn getting my jacket situated in the theatre.

4. The lid of the drink popped off and I spilled it down the front of my shirt....yes, down the bra, boobs etc. and with the fans in the theatre I was freezing!

5. Half way home I realized I had left my purse in my seat at the theatre ( I called as soon as I got home and thankfully someone turned it in and I have picked it up since)

6. There were a few other things but that is all that is coming to me right now lol

So that was my date. I feel like I am accident prone some times. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shanilie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We and a wonderful time at the pool. I have those kind of moments to, where you spill things in public. Lucky it was dark so nobody saw what happened. Otherwise glad you had a good time. Remember Two things when potty training:
1) Wait for the single
2) Don't get frustrated! It will happen in its know time.

Ellie said...


That was nice you got to go on a date! My husband and I go on one almost every weekend. Either on Friday or Saturday nights. We do have to find something to do. It has become so obvious to me that my husband does not enjoy movies and theatres and so we will have to find another source of entertainment for our dates. We ate at a Chinese restaurant last night and then headed home. lol

I wish you much success with the potty training.


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Aww, that's wonderful that you guys were able to go on a date! I can't remember the last time Bobby & I did that!! That's so sweet that you bought Jacob a potty seat w/your gift card :) I usually do that too when I receive gift cards/money~I spend it on the boys :) I'm not complaining though~I always like to make sure they have everything they need & are taken care of :)

Sorry to hear about the accidents that happened to you while on your date. That sounds like my luck, lol! But, I'm glad you had a good time in spite of it all :)

Hope you're having a good weekend :)

I had to get up w/Kendall a while ago & rocked him back to sleep & now I'm WIDE awake so I thought I'd check blogs to get me sleepy again :)

Shanilie said...

Summer, Thanks for the comment. I'm glad it was dark too. lol. Thanks for the potty training advice.

Ellie, That's awesome, you go on dates every weekend. Help to keep the fire going. Our trouble is finding someone who is available to babysit etc. You should have a look at an old post of mine, from earlier this month..... You should take a look here:

...Yum, Chinese, my favourite

Connie, lol. I'm the same way, I want to make sure that Jacob has the things that he needs. Sorry you can't sleep. I have to admit that I've done the same thing at times. Blogging is a great way to pass time especially if you can't sleep.

I don't know if you have an air miles card or not but, if you do, for only 160pts. you can get 2 tickets, lg popcorn and 2 drinks. It works well for us because by the time we have enough air miles collected that will probably be when we have our next date....well hopefully not because it takes us a while to accumulate points.

You & Bobby need to go on a date~! and soon!

Hope Kendall is feeling better. I wish I hadn't taken Jacob's rocking chair out of his bedroom because I love rocking him but he doesn't let me :(

Hannah said...

Yay for dates! We just don't do it often enough. Good luck with the potting training. :-)

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