Mr. Potato Head


Ryan and I went grocery shopping yesterday and came across a Mr. Potato Head! It was regularly $12.00 and we were able to get it for half that on sale. I was very pleased. I was thinking we should wait and give it away for a birthday gift or a gift for some occasion but this, it was a random splurge I guess. We thought it would be a great idea considering Jacob knows most of his body parts already. I will usually draw a face on a piece of paper and he will point to the eyes and say eye, then to the nose and say no (his way of saying nose) then to the mouth, and he says mou. and so on. The packaging said from ages 2 and up but Jacob is always learning and will be two in 3 months so why not. He loves pointing to all the parts and saying what they are. I find it amazing watching him learn. He still blows me away sometimes.


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