Jacob's First Public Swim


In The Locker Room * click image for larger view*

Jacob, Ryan and I all had a very eventful day today together. Ryan had the day off and we had to head into town for a follow-up visit on all of our sicknesses so we decided that we’d head over to the pool as it was only a few minutes away from the Dr.’s office. My middle sister is a life guard and has been encouraging me to take Jacob swimming as SOON as possible because she has seen too many times when children are completely terrified of the water. We wanted to get on it anyway, and would have sooner but with two people and one car, illnesses and so little time we had waited till now. By the end he was floating on his back, kicking his feet, blowing bubbles in the water and splashing both Ryan and I. I was so proud of him.

Feeling confident enough to let go of mommy and hold onto the noodle!

This is wishful thinking but, we are hoping to get him into some parent and tot swim or babes in arms weekly sessions. I know he would just love that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shanilie. It's Summer. I just want to say thanks for commenting on my blog. It looks like Jacob really enjoyed the water. At the begining of the Summer 2006, my youngest daughter Candace was terrified of going into the lake because it was to cold. We took the kid's camping and Candace went in the water put her face in and blew bubbles, it was so exicting. Then we kept going to the beach and Candace is trying to swim by herself. I said to myself "She sure has come along way."

Shanilie said...

Wow, that's awesome. Jacob was afraid of the cold water as well and did NOT even want to get into his little inflatable pool that we had in our back yard. That's great that Candace was blowing bubbles, I know a lot of children a lot older who don't like to get their faces too wet.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Aww, what cute pics of the the whole family :) Looks like you guys had a terrific time! Thanks for sharing your day :) Jacob looks like a natural in the water :)

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

OH, I forgot~I LOVE the pic of Jacob in the locker room~TOO CUTE!!!!

Shanilie said...

:) Thanks Connie. We sure did have a lot of fun. Jacob was pretty serious at first but gradually came out of his shell. I guess the pictures speak a thousand words. Teehee, thanks for the compliment of Jacob in the locker room. He looks like such a big boy. Hope all is well my blogger friend :)

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