Jacob Being Cute


Well, here is my first post about Jacob on his new link! I thought since I have met so many great people on the blog I would share some of his earlier days since I figured many of you haven't seen these pictures. Especially when I didn't start blogging till Jacob was several months old. This is also his first post, so why not go back in time and share a couple of firsts. I will resume with my current posts soon!

*click image for larger view* Jacob's first laundry basket ride. I don't know anyone who hasn't enjoyed one of those! Jacob was about 5 months old here.

*click image for larger view* Jacob's first Christmas. Wearing his space cadet outfit that he got from aunt Cait and Rach

*click image for larger view* Jacob's first bus ride in town where Ryan was finishing his undergrad.

*click image for larger view* Jacob's first sledding experience. I wanted to post this picture seeing as it is winter now.....now snow yet....this time last year....quite a little difference don't you think? He kept taking his mittens off. He had fun going down the hill but didn't enjoy being cold. Don't worry we didn't stay out long....I know the picture says a thousand words but Mama's lookin after him :)

*click image for larger view* Jacob's first steps. He was a very early walker and started walking fully at the mid - end of his 9th month.

*click image for larger view* Jacob's first birthday. He was all spiffed up in his gap sweater. Got to love baby gap!


Drea said...

what a cutie :-D caleb hated his 1st sled ride last year. This year he loved it.

Shanilie said...

Yea Drea, you're the first one who has commented on this link :) I am hoping that Jacob will enjoy it more as time goes on too. I went for a walk a few days ago and he cried the whole time. Held his blanket over his head lol was quite funny.

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