Health Check Update......Power of Prayer (please pray)


Jacob: He has had every illness since the beginning of December; got over one thing then would get another. His recent ailment was his chest cold. Very raspy and phlegmy & fevered. Not fun. It gradually got from bad to worse. Then, today he cried and cried the moment he woke up. He still hasn't eaten anything more than one popsicle. I went and called the Dr. and I couldn't get an appt. till next week!!!!!! and my boy needed to be seen today! I didn't know what I was going to do place to start is with Mom :-) We spent the day with her and we took turns laying down with him when he was crying and trying to nap. Then we decided to go to the community store and treat him with a bag of Cheeses or something of the such because he loves chips. He cried in the store, cried at all the chips shaking his head no. Just not happy. While we were there the secretary of a Dr. office at the check out heard him and said he doesn't sound good so we proceeded to tell her that he couldn't be seen till Tues. (before I knew who she was) and she said....I'll squeeze him in today. Not even an hour later we were sitting in the Dr. office that we had never been before, one that wasn't even taking new patients, but had offered to squeeze him in. Can you believe that!!!! What an amazing series of events watching God's working. 1.) the timing of going to the store for chips, 2.) meeting up with a complete stranger who happened to be a local dr.s secretary and 3.) that we were able to get in within the hour. God's handiwork still never ceases to amaze me. He looked at his ears and listened to his chest. They were both terrible! Thankfully he prescribed penicillin of some name which I won't attempt to write here. But it is for treating ear/chest infections. Wow! I was happy that we found an antibiotic that could help both the ears and chest. Horay for modern medicine. As soon as Ryan gets home we will run to the Pharmacy and pick up his prescription. I sure hope it helps because the Dr. said that if this continues for even 1-2 days then told me to take Jacob to emergency for a chest x-ray because his symptoms could easily turn to Pneumonia . Please pray that this antibiotic will work and that his illness won't worsen!

Me: Well, I still feel terrible and have most of the same symptoms as Jacob. Thankfully I can talk and am able to describe the way I am feeling because poor Jacob can only communicate with crying. I can't imagine what children go through not being able to communicate by talking. I am still going to keep the appt. for Tues. and worry about me then. Though I am desperate for something.....anything. So that is the update on the both of us. My sweet mommy is making the three of us supper tonight and bringing it over later on this evening. She is always doing something for other people & she was recently awarded MVP RN of the year in the area she works. Perhaps I will go on about her heroics in the community another day but it would be a long post and this post is long enough.
You can also read about my friend Connie's experience with the power of prayer in her post here: please continue to keep her son in your prayers! Who would have the thought that the blog could also be used as a place to gather people for prayer.


Anonymous said...

I just want to post that you must have had a guardian angle with you today to meet up with a lady that works at a doctor's office. Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

I'm SO sorry that Jacob isn't feeling any better but am SO glad you were able to get him seen today~WHAT AN AWESOME MIRACLE!!!! God is SO SO Good! I hope the antibiotic works & that Jacob feels better very soon. I'm also sorry to hear that you're not feeling well either. I will continue to pray for both of you :) That's very sweet of your Mom to help you out~w/Jacob & fixing you all supper! Can't wait to hear the whole heroic story later :) Isn't that awesome too that, like you said, we can use our blog as a means of prayer (s) all around the world :) Take care my friend & get better soon~I'll be praying for you all :)

Shanilie said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your comment. Someone was sure looking out for us. Thanks for poping by my blog. Have I been by your blog before?

Connie: Thank you for your prayers and concern. I always enjoy our conversations :) Thank goodness for family and friends....and Mom's. I am really appreciate our correspondence. Yaw for blogs. I am having a lot of fun investing time and concern with my blog friends :) Great to know there is someone out there.

Anonymous said...

My name is Summer Engh. I was the one the that wrote that comment about the guardian angle looking out for you guys. I was kinda shy not to give my name. I am a cousin of Lisa and Ryken Crandsma. I was looking through her blog and found your blog. i hope you don't mind me leaving a comment on your blog. If you want to check out my blog it's

Shanilie said...

Hi Summer, thanks for stoping by my blog. Don't worry, I always enjoy comments from anyone! Pop by any time! I will deffinitly check out your blog. Thanks Again. Good to "meet" you :)

Summer Engh said...

hi shanillie I just want to say thanks for commenting on my blog. I really like your design on your blog, it looks really neat. Thanks again.

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