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It is another season for change I guess. I am sure some of you have been wondering why I haven't been blogging as much as I would normally do....but I have to admit what I have been up to.....I have been in the process of creating a new blog. A while back I found an old blog that I had made and I wanted to keep that old account incase anything happened to this one (have a back-up plan) because now, with the new blogger system, you can't use html coding! It is the drag and drop system.

I would not have found this out if it wasn't for my hubby trying to make one for himself. He found template that he loved and went to paste in the code but it wouldn't accept it :(((

Anyway, that blog has been keeping me very busy. I am trying to make it have all of the things this current one has but the colors are all very different. There are things about the new one that I absolutely love, but I think I will really miss this one so, I am going to keep it up even when the other one is being used fully.

I will let all of you know the new address once it is all ready. For now, it is under construction and keeping me pre occupied from this blog....hang in there.....the new one will be ready before you know it. Please let me know what you think because I really really love this blog and I am afraid of change.....any words of encouragement?


laura said...

Hey Shan,
I'm sure the other blog will at least be as good as this one!
So don't worry about making a change, sometimes it's just time to change some things ;o)
Love, Laura

Ute said...

I agree with you I still use the old blogger system, because I can do changes easier than on the new blogger version, though I'm just a HTML-beginner. I think a blog needs changes that it's what it is about...(hmm, can't really make my point in english..hope you understand) and I'm looking foward to your new one. I'm also learning new things about it every day and love it. Keep up your good work!

Summer said...

Hey Shanilie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I finally was able to create a slideshow. Check it out. It took me almost all day to do it

Shanilie said...

Thanks Laura!

Ute: Yes, I understand. When I first started blogging it took me ages to add anything...and in most cases I would end up messing something up. Great that you are learning so much. I am really enjoying your blog as well :)

Summer: A slide show. Those are great....and time consuming. Yes, they do take a while to make. I'll deffinitly take a look :)

Margo said...

You're right. I was wondering where you were. that explains it! Good luck with the new blog, and keep us "posted" (get it? "posted") ;-)

Shanilie said...

Lol. gotta love puns :) I'll let you know the site once it is all set up...but knowing me it will take me forever because I am always making changes.

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