Christmas Day "Jacob's 2nd Christmas"


Now to tell you about our Christmas day. It was a beautiful +4C day and the sun was shining (no snow) Ryan and I woke up bright and early around 7 and Jacob was still asleep by that point. We had most of our presents at my Mom’s place and were heading over there when we finished up at our place. I have to admit that Thomas The Train Bed we did go in and wake Jacob up around 7:30AM and brought him downstairs. As soon as he walked over to the living room entrance he squealed with delight when he saw his train set all set up. We thought that with all of the other wrapped gifts that he could have the train set all assembled and see something spectacular. We said choo choo and showed him all the stuff. His face was gleaming with surprise and excitement. And we caught is all on video….if I didn’t have such slow speed then I would put it on the blog but I guess I will have to wait for high speed before I can post any video clips. When we got to Mom’s everyone was still in bed. I couldn’t believe it! My Mom was up and we proceeded to wake everyone. Our tradition is that we open our stockings first from youngest to oldest. So of course Jacob went first. I tried to fill his sock up with healthy treats, things I knew he would like…..things like tic taks, fruit cups and as soon as he saw it he wanted it. He had small crayons but he had too much fun fitting them through the registers so I put jumbo crayons in his sock as well to replace his little ones, socks, sippe cups all things he needed. When it came time to start opening presents Jacob vigorously started ripping at the paper repeating over and over was Opening His Stocking With Grammie sat, wa sis sit (translation from baby language is: What’s That, What is it). We then had a quick bagel breakfast and went back at it. Before we started opening the gifts we read the Christmas story and each read a couple of verses till it was all read. Jacob enjoyed watching everyone opening their gifts and even helped out with unwrapping.

*click image for larger view* - My Mom's Christmas Tree


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas :) Those are such cute pics of little Jacob :) Oh, Happy New Year, 2007 :)

Shanilie said...

Hey blogger friend! Thanks for the sweet comment. I hope Kendall is gettting better. Glad to see you blogging again. Our kids come first that's for sure. Happy new year to you too!

Rachael said...

My cute little nephew! Had a great Christmas with you guys!

Shanilie said...

Thanks Rach. Luv u~!

Jessie said...

Cute pictures! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the encouragement.

Laura said...

It sure sounds as if you had a great christmas! Thats good to read :)
Jacobs pics are SO CUTE!!!
Love, Laura

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