Another Christmas Outfit


Yesterday was another beautiful day. Rainy and + 12. I just love the mild days when the rain falling down gently onto your skin. I am not really a type of person whose mood is determined by the weather. Some seem happy on sunny days and glum on rainy days. I guess you could say I’m singing in the rain. :) I can’t believe it is January and there is still no snow. Because it is so mild here in the winter even when it does snow it doesn’t last long, but it is so warm that you can play outside in the snow for hours and not feel cold. Plus, the warm air melts the snow so that it is the perfect “packyness” (made up a new word) for making snow balls and snow men. I have been noticing recently that a lot of my recent posts have been all over the place. I would normally just blog about my son and our lives, but I have enjoyed posting other things. I think I am going to have to change the “About Me” part on the blog because from now on I think I will continue bloging about a variety of different things. I will definitely not stop bloging about Jacob that’s for sure. It is funny how as your children get older you take less and less pictures. That is how it is for me lately anyway.


Margo said...

Great new word..."packyness" I like that. ;-) It's fun to write about all sorts of things. I started out just writing about my kids and now I can go off on any kind of crazy thing! It's fun! I've enjoyed your blog very much!! i'm glad we're blogging buds. :-)
Is Jacob a Pooh fan? I love your collage.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Oh, what a cute outfit! Justin & Kendall both love Pooh (well, Justin not so much now that he's older but when he was Kendall's age, he did)! Very cute pics of Jacob :) It looks like he's feeling some better~that's a plus.

You were talking about the weather, we've had a mild winter here in Georgia too. I changed my background & cursor in hopes that we might get at least one good snow!

I really like your blog too~I don't see any need to change anything! That's what makes blogging so neat~we can blog about a million things all in one if we want to :) Keep up the good work :)

Shanilie said...

Margo: Hehe :) glad you like the new word and the blog. I really enjoy visiting yours as well. Thanks for being my blogger friend! Yes, Jacob loves Pooh. There are so many Pooh things out there it was hard to stay away from it. My aunt had a Pooh themed bedroom for her son and I always thought I wouldn't be that into it, but I guess after you have a child of your own a lot changes ;)

Connie: I noticed your new background....I always love the ones you choose. Well, if we do have a good snow here I will definitely be bloging about it. Yes, I am glad you could see that Jacob is feeling more like himself. Last night he slept through (he hasn't done that in ages) and woke up happy instead of crying like he has been after the Tylenol wears off. Glad you like the blogging abilities have slowly increased. I am still holding my breath that nothing happens to this one suddenly. So far so good. How is Kendall feeling these days? Hope the meds are helping. "0" My blogging days before this were pretty boring before I met you. Glad we did nonetheless.

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