And So It Begins....Soon


Ryan and I went out and finally bought Jacob a potty. We were hoping to start at 18months because I have heard from family members that their children were completely trained by that point! Personally, I have a hard time believing it but it is fun to dream :) In the morning and evenings and after bath time or any time it was diaper change time he would love to escape from us and run around the house naked. He LOVED it. Then he would look down and go "ah oh". Then he would start to pee. I though wow.....he could be trainable because he said ah oh before he even started to pee. (don't worry it wasn't on the carpet :) That was my reasoning anyway. He isn't 2 till April but I figured why not. He is so smart for his age so it won't hurt to try. It is sitting in the downstairs (I figured he wouldn't want to run upstairs to the bathroom every time he had to go) and is making a lovely seat for Jacob. He loves sitting in it and using it as a chair but that is all! Maybe later on this week I will have some time to teach him.

Jacob has recently had a rash on his lower back and bum....all areas where the diaper covers. I took him to the doctor and he told us we should switch diapers. We were using Huggies up to that point. I love their gig-elastic waist, curved areas for the legs, and the great absorbency, so I was very disappointed when I had to switch. The Dr. told me that children can develop reactions later on in life. I still don't quite understand why he would be allergic to it now after all this time but since we switched the rash has disappeared. Anyway, the reason I say this is because we ended up calling Huggies phone line and told them about Jacob's reaction. I asked if they started doing anything different to their diapers because I have been noticing a "new" leak lock system that they have now. They said the make - up is still the same but the fabric material is different. They sent us $50 of gift certificates and I didn't even ask for them. I thought it was nice that they would bother to do that for us. We went to the Superstore and bought several things I would probably never usually buy. But one thing that we did get was the
Huggies clean team. There is the foam soap, individual wipes so children don't have to fuss with the toilette paper roll , and cleansing cloths. I thought that this would make potty time more fun and also that he would enjoy standing on his stepping stool by the sink and washing his hands himself (with supervision of course). We were quite pleased about our purchases and all set to start potty training......but I can't tell you when that will happen. It might be next week or it might not be till next month lol. We'll see.

Have any of you watched the movie Curious George? I absolutely love it, and so does Jacob. It seems like it was specifically made for a younger audience. With its bright colors, animals, and fun voices, it has brought out laughs from the both of us. There are also several times in the movie when the man in the yellow hat is playing peek-a-boo with George. Jacob loves peek-a-boo, that is one of his favorite scenes in the movie. What do you think?


Margo said...

I've used pampers cruisers with both my boys and love them.

I started potty training Stephen when he turned two and a half. he was ready and it didn't take long. I rewarded him with candy. ;-)

I can't wait to see curious george!

Shanilie said...

Thanks Margo. I think I may give the cruisers a try :) Since I switched to a no-name brand he has woken up wet every morning (hardly any absorbency)

That is a great age to start. I have heard of people rewarding with candy. Great idea ;) Thanks for the advice....I will definitley try that one....and I bet Jacob will sure be happy about that.

I think you will really enjoy it....from a 2yr olds standpoint :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shanilie. I agree with Margo about Pampers. Those diapers are great. When Candace was a baby I would buy cheap diapers and she would get a rash and then I would switch back to Pampers and her rash would be complelety gone in one day. So she grew up on Pampers.

Ute said...

hi Shanilie,
Johanna and Louisa are without diapers since they are 2,5 years and it happened within a week without any trainig at all. I just bought underwear with a Winnie Poo in front and they desperately wanted to wear them. I told them, that this will just work without a diaper and without the diaper they need to go to the potty...that did the trick.:-)) But perhaps this will only work with girls...have a nice evening, it's already 9 a.m here.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

W/us only having 1 income, we use White Cloud diapers from Walmart~I'm not ashamed to admit that because that's all we can afford. But, we're very pleased w/them~they are super absorbant & work just as well as the pricey brands. If we could afford them, I'd love to use Pampers but let's face it, they all go in the trash :)

We potty trained Justin at about 2 1/2 as well & it wasn't difficult at all. I would take him to the restroom each time I changed him & let him sit on the potty~whether he did anything or not. And, also, when Bobby was @ home, Justin would go to the restroom when he did & that seemed to help more than anything. We didn't really "reward" him w/anything~would just give him LOTS of praise & clapping & he did wonderfully. I think we're going to try it that way w/Kendall as well~unless he shows an interest sooner. Although, even now, when we think Kendall has pooped, we'll ask him & he'll grab & pull @ his diaper & he does that when he's wet also so I think he's starting to develop an interest & is aware when he's either wet/pooped :)

Good luck w/Jacob~& don't feel like you have to rush potty training by a certain age. Jacob will let you know when HE'S ready & you just take it from there :) You'll know when the time is right :)

Shanilie said...

heehee :) That is a really good point! I completely agree with you. I will have to try the white cloud diapers before pampers. I still have a hard time spending more $ on diapers than I have to. It was surprising though, after my baby showers I had several cases of diapers (Huggies) in sizes ranging from birth to 4. I was thankful for that because with Ryan in school we couldn't really afford them either.

21/2 is a good age to start. I have heard several people tell me that girls are easier to train than boys. I guess that wasn't true in your case. What do you think? Thank you for the vote of confidence. You are right, he will let me know when he is ready. Thanks again for being such a faithful blogger friend. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

I wanted to point out~I use Huggies wipes though~that's one thing I won't go cheaper on! The cheaper wipes seem to irritate Kendall's bootie :(

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