Tired Right Out


My poor boy was so tired yesterday. He already had a nap by this point and I was trying to keep him up till his bed time around 7:30 8:00, but he could only make it till 5:00PM. I put in one of his favourite movies "Curious George" and I thought he was watching from the chair he was sitting in. I went over to peek in on him and he was sound asleep, so I just picked him up and put him straight to bed. He didn't even stir.


Ryan said...

It is so hard seeing our children in pain...especially when they can't verbally express their frusteration. I love you both!

Shanilie said...

Aww, sweetie, I always love your unexpected comments. xoxo luv u!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Aww, poor Jacob. He must've needed the extra rest w//him being sick! Hope he feels better real soon!

I had to take both my boys to the dr. this morning. Kendall's had a bad cold since mid-week last week & it wasn't any better & then Justin began getting sick yesterday & went to bed @ 7:#)~SO unlike him! Kendall has an ear inf. in both ears & Justin has strep throat. They're both on antibiotics & prescription cough meds. & Justin's out of school til Wed.~which ironically is their last day~their Christmas holidays start Dec. 21st & he returns Jan. 8th. Anyway, both of them are sick again~I was SO hoping they'd be well for Christmas :( Maybe after a week of antibiotics, they'll be well by Christmas.

Hope Jacob feels better soon :) Give him a hug from me :)

Shanilie said...

Oh My Goodness...you sure must have your hands full with all of that. I hope the Dr. Appt goes well if you need to get there. I will pray that the boys are feeling a LOT better for Christmas day!

Hug is being sent :-) Thank you for your heart felt concern. So many illnesses this time of year....not fun :-(

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Yes, my hands are definitely full. Thanks for your well wishes but mostly your prayers :) I hope they're both better by Christmas too! Thank you also for the hug :) You're welcome~that's what we're all here for~to support each other :) I hope that Jacob feels better soon & I will be saying prayers for him as well. Justin is *finally* albe to get a little rest now~he's still coughing alot but has been throwing up more today than last nite. I had some phenergan that his dr. gave him last time & gave him one of those after dinner because he was very nauseous & still throwing up. But, thankfully, he's resting a little now (Hence, I'm checking my blog very quickly & then I'm going to fold some laundry that I got behind on while he's sleeping~a Mom's work is never done :) But, I'm sending hugs & prayers your way as well :)

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