This Is For You Grammie G


Ryan’s Mom (Grammie G) sewed Jacob a beautiful PJ set for Christmas and it just arrived in the mail yesterday. Jacob wore it to bed last night. I thought I would post it on the blog for you to see it on him sooner rather than later. As soon as I get to a Kodak machine, I will send a hard copy for you. It fit him beautifully! I love the color and soft material of the pants. He will sure keep warm at night now! It is very special to have something hand made from his Grammie.

On Friday evenings Ryan and I like to have a pizza night or some meal that is extra special. Sometimes we make home made pizza, wings, take out of some sort. This doesn't always happen but this friday it did and we got McDonalds. Normally Jacob will just have 1 or 2 chicken nuggets but he got a hold of my cheese burger and ate half of it. It was too cute seeing him hold it with both hands and seeing the enjoyment on his face.
These are the trucks that he got in the package from Grammie G & Papa. Jacob loves playing with trucks. He had so much fun driving them around and making the bbbvroom sound as he was moving them. He also kept switching the drivers and fitting them in the seats. He is at the stage now where he loves the wooden puzzels and stacking different shapes, and also the fisher price shapes puzzle. He is getting really good at it. Thank you Grammie G and Papa!


The cats were curled up sleeping a few days ago on a blanket curled right into a circle. It looked really cute I had to take a picture!

You are probably wondering when our Christmas day pictures will be posted but, (believe it or not) I took a lot of pictures with my brother and parrents camera, so once I get those pictures from them I will post them as soon as I can!


Laura said...

Hey Shan,
I still enjoy your blogging!
Sounds like you had a nice christmas.
Happy new year!!!
Love, Laura

Shanilie said...

Thanks Laura. Hope things are going well in Germany! Have a good New Years Eve. Don't party too much! Love your comments. Hope you had a good Chrismtas too!

Margo said...

I wish Grammie would make me some Jammies!

Shanilie said...

:-) She sure is good at it. She taught me how to make a skirt and Ryan's pj pants.

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