Ryan Almost Went Head First Off The Roof!


Today Ryan and I are heading into Halifax……. again…..Seems like that is where we go for most things (which isn't too bad.... aprox. 1 hour from where we live)…..church, shopping, going to the dog park, visiting my brother and sister in law, movies. We were even there last week visiting my grandfathers sister (my great aunt). We had a really great time. I just love the Halifax waterfront. My Dad works on the destroyer ship....I won't name which one, but I just find it spectacular! I love the city, and I love the water so I guess it is a good combination. We went into this store called Christmas Land and there were tons of beautifully decorated trees. The trees and everything on the trees were for sale. It was a great place to go if you needed some ideas on how to decorate your tree. We even got a wreath. I just love driving by and seeing a nice big wreath on the outside of the entry way door. Plus, everything was 20% off! My great Aunt Nina has the most festive house than anyone I have ever met. She has a beautifully decorated tree in every room. Figurines. Singing stuffed animals, and lights everywhere. Jacob was in dream land.

A few nights ago Ryan and I attempted to put the ice sickle lights on the house but….the ladder was too small. So, he crawled up onto the roof and was going to try and get the lights up while lying on his stomach looking down….but he almost slid head first off of the roof. VERY SCARY!! It was a bit of a risk, but I stood at the top of the small ladder and he ended up crawling down my shoulders first. I was at the point that I would have rather had him land on me than head first into the ground. I stood as far as I could to the top of the ladder and he slid down me. If you can picture that, it was quite humorous for the both of us now looking back….and still alive lol. Phew…so before we attempt putting up the lights again we are going to have to get a BIGGER LADDER!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun @ Halifax! The store you mentioned, Christmas Land, sounds really nice :) That is too scary about Ryan almost sliding off the roof!!!! What a great wife you are to help him get down safely :) I agree, by next year when you put lights up, you'll want to have a bigger ladder :) Have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Glad Ryan in ok. Tell him I said not to do that again. Too dangerous. The lights are great and all but his life is way more important!!! Now go get a bigger ladder and save your template!!!!

Shanilie said...

Connie - Lol just doing my wifely duties jk. Pretty intense there for a while. I will have to take a picture of the spot he was at....maybe i'll get him back up there for a picture once he has a big enough ladder to get down :-)

Janet - thanks for the note. Yes we are quite the risk takers :-)Yes, I don't know what I would do if anything happened to Ryan. We will be more careful. lol Ryan's life wayyyy more important than the lights.

Charity - Thanks for stoping by my blog. Enjoyed our chat. Great to catch up since high school. Crazy how fast time flies.

Kiki said...

Roof + Winter = scary

Shanilie said...

lol that is a pretty good equation. I like to stay away from scary times. I will keep that in mind. hehe

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