Possibly Hosting An Exchange Student


Ryan and I are hoping to host an exchange student for the winter semester of school. My parents have hosted two girls in the past. Laura, from Germany and Jun Ko from Hong Kong. They really became part of the family, and we are all still close now. Actually, Laura just came over for a visit this past summer. It was great to see her! I have been in the process of getting the bedroom set up. I have the essentials like the bed, dresser, bed side table, and a desk with chair, but that is all. I was wondering what else you think I should include? I want it to feel welcoming and homey. The room was already painted this color when we moved in. I was going to re-paint it a more natural color but my 2 younger sisters said they loved it like this, so I decided to leave it. They love getting off the bus here regularly and even sleeping over. It is great for me because I have 2 really great babysitters when I need one and extra beds for them to stay in. Don't worry, I do have some nice bedding ready to go on the bed if any of you were going to suggest that lol.

Looks pretty bare....any ideas?

This is Jacob getting ready for bed. I just love 2 piece pajamas!


Anonymous said...

That is great that you plan to host an exchange student :) I would say if you have it, an extra tv & phone in the room would be nice. And maybe a stereo. Oh, love your cursor & Christmas countdown :)

Anonymous said...

One more thing~very cute pics of Jacob :) He's so photogenic :)))))

Anonymous said...

Hi. So nice to 'meet' you. Thanks for visiting my place too.
I love your blog. It's so beautiful.

(If you haven't done so)...and So you don't lose your stuff again, copy and paste your template into a word or notepad document. Then save it someplace safe. If anything happens you can just copy and paste it back in the setup area...(I'm sure you know this..Just a suggestion. I've lost my stuff a few times too)

Great idea hosting an exchange student. That should be fun and exciting for all of you.I can't wait to hear about it. Maybe hang some pictures on the walls to fill in the space. It looks like a cool room...Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Jacob is a cutie!!

You're certainly generous to open your home to an exchange student. Maybe you can leave the room bare and then go shopping with him or her and let him/her pick out the decor.

Shanilie said...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments.
Janet-I still haven't saved my template anywhere yet. I will have to get on that! Thanks for the advice. Good idea with the pictures. It will help to make it a little homeier.

Margo-Thanks for visiting my blog and the compliment on Jacob. Great, you know I think I will go shopping with him/her when they get here. Make it a litte more personal!

Connie-I always enjoy your comments. Thanks for showing me how to get the cursor. My little way of being a little more festive on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shanilie~I always enjoy your comments too :) You're *SO* welcome for showing you about the cursor. It does help make blogs more festive :) I have a quick question for you. How do you get the time to appear on your comments? Mine just has the date & I wanted to have the time on mine as well? If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it :) Have a great day :)

Shanilie said...

Connie, I hope that you figured out how to get the time at the bottom of your comments page. Hope my input helped.

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