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A few days ago Ryan and I were visiting my parents place and my brother was there and offered to take some pictures of us together, like we did last year at this time. I guess it is just me, but I said I wouldn't use the blog as a place to constantly post pictures of me, I see myself every day….it doesn’t need to be thrown all over the blog lol but a family picture won't hurt. So here I am going against everything I said jk. It has been a beautiful winter so far. It was +15 that day and yesterday was +8 even the day after the first snow fall and it is Dec.7th already! I enjoy taking the opportunity to take outdoor pictures. Sometimes the "candid" photos turn out better than the ones in the studio. You can take a million and choose the best. p.s. any family reading this you probably already noticed that Ryan shaved off all his facial hair. It was a HUGE shock for me when I got home. Ryan is always full of fun surprises. He wanted to "look" like he did when we first met....Though I do like facial hair and it is growing back now.
Here are the pictures that were taken at my parents place last year winter. 2005.

I just thought I would add a quick little post. Have you ever tried the game Minesweeper? It is usually a standard game that is programmed into most Microsoft computer systems. It is also pretty boring. I know it might sound odd but I am absolutely addicted to it. It all started back when I was living in dorm during Prov. I was usually very bored and had a lot of assignments to do. This game helped distract me from what I should have been doing and gave me breaks when needed. Here is what Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia had to say:

Minesweeper is a single-player computer game. The object of the game is to clear a minefield without detonating a mine. The game has been rewritten for nearly every system platform in use today. It is most famous for the version that comes with Microsoft Windows. This version credits Robert Donner and Curt Johnson as its creators, starting in 1981, but the game's origins can be traced back to Cube in 1973.

When I started playing in dorm I had no idea how to play. I knew very little, but after a million times of failing I finally got better at it, and over time gradually got faster and faster. Once I finally started getting MUCH better at it, I would go back and keep beating my top scores. Now here is where I am at and I can't seem to beat my current scores. Here they are:
Beginner: 2 seconds
Intermediate: 37 seconds
Expert: 214 seconds
Keep in mind that this game has a lot to do with chance. Sometimes at a click of a button it will clear a bunch of squares, but most of the time you usually hit mines. I have been going at the expert level for quite a while now and just recently was I able to finish it. I did 3x already but this has been by far my fastest score. I had to guess a LOT but it worked. You should all try it out some time. It is really addictive.


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Aww, what cute pictures of your family :) You'll be glad you posted those so you can look back when Jacob is older :) I've never heard of Minesweeper~I don't have time to get addicted to it, LOL :)

Shanilie said...

Well thank you for the compliment with the family picture. It is fun going back in time and seeing all of the changes in our looks.

Lol yes, I usually don't have time for games either but it only takes a few seconds to win....if you have a computer with microsoft it should be under accessories ~ games~minesweeper. Though it is the most boring game you have ever heard of!

Margo said...

I LOVE the pictures!! Neat collage too, and yes, I play minesweeper from time to time. It is addictive!!

Rachael said...

Hey, cute bundles of pictures. Happy Christmas and a Merry New year!! LOL

Brandi said...

Hee Hee - I think all of us developed some computer game addiction or another from dorm! Beautiful family pics! Miss you.

Shanilie said...

Hey Brandi! Thanks for poping by. lol you are right. We all had our little games we like to play. Fun times. :-)

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