Jacob & Daddy


I just had to post these picture. I thought they were sooo cute! Daddy and Jacob hanging out together. Ryan was getting ready for work one morning and was getting his shoes on sitting on the door step and Jacob came over to him and they both sat there together. I ran to get the camera to take a picture of both of their backs to the door...I only managed to get the one picture before Jacob saw the camera flash, so he turns around, says cheese and gives a nice big smile. Very precious. The moment didn't last for too long though because Jacob is getting to the age where he doesn't like to have to say bye bye to Mom and Dad, so he did cry when he saw Dad leave. So sad. Though, I have to say that I know a lot of babies just a few months old that cry when away from their parents and Jacob wasn't like that at all till recently and he is almost 2!


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Aww~how cute & precious is that?!? That's totally sweet :) You should enlarge that pic for both of them :)

Laura said...

Oh...those pic are so cute!!!

Shanilie said...

Connie: I think I might just do that :-) I don't have many framed pictures up on the walls yet since we moved. Such a kodak moment.

Laura: I always enjoy your comments. I recieved your Christmas card. I love the cards written in German. Looks so festive. I still have my cards ready to go. I can't pick up our family pictures till tomorrow so I will fill my cards and send them first thing Monday morning. Hopefully it will get to you before the 25th! Very sweet of you to think of us. I am sure your Christmas card list is getting pretty long.

Margo said...

So, so sweet!! Times like this are the best!

Erin said...

Hey! I'm so sorry that its taken me so long to leave a msg on your blog! Thank you so much for visiting mine a while back!! I remember when my daughter went through that phase of having a hard time when I was going somewhere...I loved that she missed me, but I rememebr my heart breaking at the same time. Actually, to this day she still will have some days where she doesn't want me to leave!! Every time that I go out anywhere (grocery store, etc.) my mom says that as soon as she hears the door close (even if she is already in bed for the night) she runs upstairs and asks where I went!

Shanilie said...

Margo: Yes, I do treasure the times that we have first thing in the morning before Ryan heads off to work. They are my favourite times.

Erin:Thanks for poping by my blog. Aww, so sad to see them cry when we leave the room. Hopefully in time it won't be as bad. I guess we will see. I remember reading about your daughters skating experiences without you :-( hope that is getting better!

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