Come As You Are Picture ~ Yikes!


I was tagged by my friend, Connie for a "Come as you are Blogger Picture" ~ No makeup, no hair fixin, nothing! I thought I would be a good sport and participate. I don't like any picture of me so, I guess it doesn't matter if I am fixed up or not lol. I usually blog first thing in the morning, right after me and my fam. have had breakfast, when Ryan is of to work, and when Jacob is either napping or doing his usual "morning things". So, at the point in time that this picture was taken I still hadn't had a chance to shower, get dressed (yes, I am still in my nightgown) or even brush my hair. This is as "come as you are" as it gets.......don't laugh too hard!
I should also tag someone so I will tag, Margo, Brandi, Keira, Charity, Drea


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

You DO look great~it's the other way around, you're making me look bad :) When I took my pic yesterday, it was 4:32 PM & I still hadn't showered, fixed my hair, or put any makeup on ( I usually don't do makeup unless I'm going somewhere anyway though!)~that's pretty bad, but I did have an excuse though being up all nite the nite before w/Justin :)

Thanks for participating Shanilie :) I'm like you in that I don't like pics of myself but I thought I'd participate in this.

Have a great day :) How's Jacob feeling~I've been praying for him?

Margo said...

Ok. I'll be a good sport! By the way, I think your pic looks great!

Shanilie said...

Well, I don't know if I would say I look great or not but thank you both anyway ;-)

Thank you for your prayers. That is very sweet....and needed. Ryan did end up getting sick, and Jacob still had throw-up in his crib this morning :-( I thought that was behind him. I have never seen him so sick before. You are right, it is hard seeing our children hurt. I sure hope Kendall and Justin are feeling better soon as well. Keeping them in my prayers.

Drea said...

neat idea!i may have 2 try this some time soon :-)

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