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This is to all my fellow viewers and blogger friends: I have started a new poll directly on the right hand side of my blog titled "When Do You Think I Will Conceive" We have been trying for a while now and I thought it would be fun to get everyone involved in the excitement and anticipation. For those of you who do not leave comments please vote it will take just a few seconds of your time...and I would really appreciate it!

I know I haven't posted as often this past week as much as I would have liked (meaning if I had the time I would all the time, but there are so many things in the day to keep me busy. Things have just been so busy. Ryan's days are usually very long and the chores around the house keep piling up so fast. I know I just did the laundry :-) but it is piled up again. Dishes have to be washed, I also need to sweep and vacuum the floors.....I did mop them recently so I guess that is a good sign. How is it that one little boy could make such a mess?! Plus my Dad and my youngest sister Rachael have birthdays in December so I am having them over for supper tonight. Roast beef dinner….our favorite. I am also working on my knitting. I am doing a small project...but it is my first, and it is difficult to me. I am making dish cloths. lol If any of you fellow bloggers are knitters just remember it is my first time. Hee hee. I am always looking for different crafts to do. My personal favorite is scrap booking & crocheting. It is so much easier than knitting, and I started back in grade four, so I have accumulated in speed.

Dish Cloth Pattern
Remember --> (K = knit YO = Yarn Over)

Step 1: Cast on 4 sets
Step 2: knit through with yarn over = 8 sets
Step 3: Knit through
Step 4: K4, YO, Knit to end of row
Step 5: Repeat row 4 till 54 sets
Step 6: When you have 54 sets then K4, YO, K2 together, knit to end of row
Step 7: Repeat step 6
Step 8: K3, K2 Together, YO, K2 together, knit to end of row
Step 9: Repeat step eight till you have 9 sets left
Step 10: K3, K2 together, K4 (you should have 8 sets left)
Step 11: Knit through
Step 12: Knit 2 together four times (should
have 4 sets left)
Tie Off & All Done!

I am also working on a scrapbook for Ryan. When we first started dating I made him a scrapbook of our time dating together, and we have our family scrapbooks, but the one I am making now highlights some of the more special moments that we have shared. The scrapbook has all black pages (which I thought was a little more manly :-) and classy. I like the black paper. The book is made of recycled paper and gives it a nostalgic look. This is the cover is pretty bare but it was just an introduction. I will post more scrap booking pages soon. I never even thought of taking pictures of my scrapbook but I liked the idea when I recently saw it on a friends blog.

Then there is wrapping. I usually have all my gifts bought and wrapped by the end of November. (I know I’m early) but this year, I still have my stocking stuffers to get, a few things left for Ryan, and a few things left to get family. At least I have Jacob’s shopping all finished. :-) He was easy though. It is just so hard not to get something for him when I am out shopping. So, I still need to get his things wrapped up. My two weeks till Christmas is quickly approaching so I had better get things in order soon! I am always trying to find a way to make life a little more simple….that way things don’t get to busy and I don’t find myself getting caught up in the over commercialized part of Christmas that I don’t like. People run themselves ragged and go in debt and can’t even enjoy this wonderful time of year. This is Christ’s Birthday! We should be dancing with joy. God made himself a man to know and understand us so deeply and to save us. What an amazing blessing.


“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!” Psalm 118:24. KJV


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Oh, I love your dishcloth knitting project :) You're doing a really good job :) Your scrapbook looks nice too~I know Ryan will appreciate it :)

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

One more thing~I just noticed the new Motivation For Moms thingie on your blog & I added it to mine~hope you don't mind :)

Shanilie said...

Aww thank you :-) Ryan and I like to have at least one gift that is a little more "special" something meaningful that we have to year I croched him a scarf.

Yes, my blog has recently gone through some renovations. I went to to update my slideshow and when I went to delete it from my blog...the whole blog ended up in the right column (don't know how that happened), anyway needless to say I had to start over and re-download the template and re-add everything. I am glad I did because now I really do have a back up saved. I am always looking for things to put on my blog to spruce it up and some times I find inspiration from others' so I am glad you liked it, don't mind a bit. I thought it was a great idea since we are all mom's. ;-)

Rach said...

Hope you have a girl. Then I can have my first niece. Thanks for helping me with studying for my probability test tomorrow!

Shanilie said...

I think a girl would be great too. But, boys are just so wonderful as well. I guess we will see what the Lord has in store. If i do have another boy, then I think I would have to try a third just to be sure ;-) I'm still young though.....I will probably be in my late 30's then wake up one day really wanting another baby....I am not ruling anything out, and am deffinitly not picking a number....I like to leave my options open.

Well, it took us a while to "freshen up" on it since it had been so long since we did probabilities but, we had fun learning with you. Come on over any time. Ryan and I are tutoring pro's with you Cait, Ben and Beth on the go.

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