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This post is mainly an overview of the last couple of days. I am still waiting to post pictures of Jacob on Christmas day "his second Christmas". I missed so much the few days over the holidays so I thought I would continue things in order and save the best for last. It was so much fun watching the enjoyment in his eyes as each gift was handed to him....but I will post all about it later on!

This is Ryan wrapping Jacob's presant that we got Jacob for Christmas. I just love all the wrapping and preparations that go along with Christmas. I always wanted my boy to have a doll so I figured he could have a boy cabbage patch kid. His name is Jared :-) What do you think?

This picture was taken when Jacob wasn't feeling well and he was sprawled in a new position in his foam chair :-) Who would have thought it could work as a leaning chair while watching TV.

Jacob is enthralled with the plug-in aquarium that he got for Christmas from Grammy and Granddad. He is just fixated in front of it. After a while he started leaning in and trying to see where the fish were going, you could just see the wheels in his head turning & trying to learn. He just soaks in information like a sponge. So eager to learn.

Aunt Rachael and Jacob hanging out together in my kitchen Christmas eve.

Above are our yearly candid family pictures that we have taken in front of our funky tree.
We like to have fun and wear our santa hats when we go visiting. The next two pictures were taken from our trees last year. Jacob's first Christmas Dec. 2005.
Have we changed much in a year?

Jacob in his new outfit that he got from Great Grandparrents Doe & Granddad! I find that this outfit makes Jacob look a lot older....prep school boy :-)


Margo said...

These are wonderful pics! You all look like such a close knit family.

Christian got that same little fish screen thingy. He loves his too!

Jacob is such a handsome little guy!

Shanilie said...

Aww thanks Margo.

Yes, that is my kind of fish tank. The view of the beautiful fish without the smell, feeding and cleaning that goes along with having a real one. :-) Glad Christian loves the fish tank! Sounds like he had a great Christmas!

Shanilie said...

kids just love the colors

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