Christmas Shopping Update: ALL DONE


I am finished all of my Christmas shopping. Phew!!!! I am so glad I am finished! Today me, my Mom, my grandparents and Jacob all piled in the car together and went out for breakfast, then headed to the city to finish our shopping. I couldn’t believe how many things I still had to get. I needed more yarn, a few more stocking stuffers for my boys, a few things for the package that we are sending again this year to our family in Manitoba and several other things but I won’t mention them all. We even got to the dollar store and I got some wrapping paper, labels, boxes and bows. I needed a lot of *click image for larger view* them and you can’t beat the price lol. We had a great time, and it was relaxing so we could really enjoy ourselves. Mom bought Jacob a tambourine and shakers to play with as we went shopping. He absolutely LOVED it! He loves music and making noise, so I guess it was the perfect gift. I told Mom that, that was Jacob’s Christmas because he was so enthralled with it. His eyes were just beaming.

Yesterday I went to my Grandparents and wrapped a bunch of their gifts that they needed help with wrapping presents so, I put mine in a garbage bag to wrap there as well. It was fun loading the car up afterwards with all of the wrapped presents. It reminded me of some Christmas movies where family come to stay for a few days over the holidays and the cars just look like they are packed full of gifts when in actual fact they should be full of luggage. Kind of funny. I think we will have that type of Christmas this year though. I just live a few minutes from my Mom’s place, so later on after our party Christmas eve we are going over there with our car packed up with the gifts that we have for each other as well and the gifts we have for them. Fun stuff!

In a previous post I mentioned that I hadn’t done any baking yet….well, I thought about it long and hard and realized that if I am going to make a bunch of goodies then I probably would have end up eating it all myself and we couldn’t have that ;-) So, I took Ryan’s great suggestion to do the Christmas baking at my Mom’s place. There is enough for all of us, and that way we won’t overeat and it won’t go to waste…..and also, Mom doesn’t ever have time to, so she was glad for the offer and I was glad to save some $ on the supplies :-) The best for both of us. I told Mom my idea and she goes “Praise God”…relieved of having to do the baking and I was saying the same thing of having to have to pay for yet another thing with our already tight budget. Well, That is my update on my Christmas preparations. Now I am going to leave you and wrap some of the things that I purchased today. Then as soon and Ryan gets home I can get him really curious about what he is getting. (We kind of tease each other like that teehee)
The above picture is what Ryan and I are hoping to get Jacob for Christmas. It is a wooden train track set that comes with the table and two organizer drawers. Ryan really wanted to do this for Jacob because when he was a little boy, he also had a wooden train track set that he really loved and he wanted that for his own son. I thought that was very it is currently on sale for $30! Hooray for Wal-Mart.


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Glad you got all your shopping done & had so much fun :) I wish we could've gotten ours finished Tues. nite but when you're on a budget, you have to do it when you can do it. That's great that the baking cookies worked out like it did~the best of both worlds for both of you :) Happy Holidays :)

Shanilie said...

I can relate with the tight budget. Yes, we do what we can and find ways to make Christmas a special time of year.

About baking: I am glad it worked out the way it did. I can't wait to start! I will take pictures and post recipes. I like to try at lease one new recipe each Christmas, plus the usuals! Do you have any treats that you would traditionally eat over Christmas?

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Yes, even though our budget is tight, we don't stress over it & let it ruin our Christmas :)

Please do take pictures of the cookies & post some recipes. We have a couple of treats that we eat during Christmas: Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies & Magic Cookie Bars. Let me know if you're interested in those recipes :)

Laura said...

I bet Jacob will love the wooden train track set! I can picture him playing with it and being absolutly happy :o)

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