Christmas Cards


*click image for larger view* - The Christmas Cards I am sending out

I love getting Christmas cards! I have a whole card holder full of cards from just my family! That is a LOT. I know, seems like an odd thing to like, but I enjoy getting them in the mail this time of year. I got my card holder from the great store Dollarama, where everything in it is one dollar. Actually, all of my previous "decorating pictures" were all things from Dollarama.

*click image for larger view*

This is the picture that we got taken professionally. It isn't scanned. It is just a picture from a picture so it is not that clear. This was the one family picture done and the picture that is being sent in the mail, but we also got four other great poses of Jacob by himself. I will scan those properly and post them soon!


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Those are cute cards! I love this time of year too & just LOVE sending & receiving cards :) That is a great family picture of you all :) Thanks for sharing everything :)

Shanilie said...

Thank you :-) Yea, maybe I am going a little over board with my posts. I don't take nearly as many pictures of Jacob that I used to. I didn't even post once in July! It has been the last month or so where I am actually blogging about things other than Jacob.....I have a friend who is totally against blogging saying "Why would you put information about yourself online for the whole world to see" i told her several reasons but...I have my busy blogging days and my long leaves of absences sometimes. I am always trying to get people started blogging. My sister Rachael just started bloging too.

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