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Jacob was visiting Grammie and Granddad yesterday. They have a play house that he loves to go in and open and close the door saying hi and by-e a million times. It was so cute. It was origionally made for my little sisters when they were young....who would have thought that my boy would be playing in this play house next! Time goes by to fast. Jacob has been learning so much so fast. He just watches us so intently trying to do exactly what we are doing. Jacob found an outlet to the camera and had it squashed up right against his nose with his eyes squinted saying "cheese". He was pretending to take a picture of us and telling us to say cheese like we tell him to do when we take his pictures. I couldn't believe it. He still blows me away with all of the new things he learns even in a day.

I am still trying to decide what I should do about all of Jacob's baby pictures. This is now my most recent blog. I have had other ones starting at Jacob's birth but I made some irreversable mistakes when rearranging the template and I had to start over yet again and I lost all of my old posts! What do you think I should do? Go back in time and re-post some of his more memorable moments as a baby?

I just bought Jacob a precious moments coloring book. It was so cute I just had to buy it. For weeks now he would find a pen laying around the house and very meticulously draw on a scrap piece of paper. I thought it was about time I purchaced a coloring book. So, yesterday while I was getting my Christmas cards together he sat across from me coloring with his blue marker. It kept him occupied for quite a while as I addressed envelopes. I still have yet to buy some crayons or colored pencils. He loves the washable marker (and does wash off quite easily) but the clean up gets to be a nuisance. Jacob has had a cold the last few days. Poor thing. It sounds terrible all the rattily flem in his chest when he coughs. And a runny nose. He hasn't been sick much at all since he has been born so it is hard seeing him coughing. I just hope that it won't last for too long. Since he is eighteen months I have to get him to the doctor for his 18 mo. needle. That sure won't be fun. His one year needles were the worst. He had to have three so he cried a lot as they came closer. I will be glad to get this overwith so then he won't have to have another one till he starts school.


Shanilie said...

Hi Everyone, I know I posted this already but I deleted it thinking that it might fix whatever the problem was as it was my latest post but it didn't do a thing except create a lot more work for myself. For all bloggers out your html template in word that way if anything happens to it all you have to do is copy and paste!

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