Jacob's Festive Outfit


I have been looking everywhere for a boys festive outfit to wear to church and other special Christmas programs, and to get his pictures done(I like to put pictures in my Christmas cards) , but haven't been able to find anything! I went through the same thing last year and finally I ended up ordering a TUX from the sears catalog! I went to several stores in the mall and other various children's clothing stores. There would be whole walls of beautiful red little girls Christmas outfits then off on the bottom corner only ONE little boys outfit. Quite a deficit. But finally, I went to the Superstore yesterday and there were TONS of little boy outfits for the holidays. They were all so beautiful! I wanted something a little more fancy so I chose the one above. They had other "sweater vest" type ones that Ryan really wanted to get in a nice deep red knitted pattern. So, I think I will get that one later on. The selection was a LOT better than last year.

Jacob & Granddad - Jacob's first Christmas 2005 and wearing his tux

Jacob just had his hair cut again and this time it was buzzed on the sides and the back. I was in shock. I couldn't believe how much older he looked. I usually don't like really really short hair on babies, but I figured if I got the whole thing evenly cut and razored all the way around then it would start growing in better and more evenly. The last two times he had his hair cut he was quite squirmy and all they did was the fingers through the hair with the scissors. It wasn't done well I might add and it looked like he had a chunk taken right out of the top. It was still sad though that he had a "man" hair cut. :-( I keep telling myself it will grow back. You can probably tell that Jacob was posing for these pictures. Anytime he sees the camera now he says cheese with this fake little smile. So yea, there is his "cheese" face. lol

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh~look @ that handsome little guy! He looks SO cute in his new suit~such a cute little man :) Those are adorable pics of his new haircut too! I know what you mean about kinda being sad when they get their haircut~we recently had Kendall's hair cut for the 1st time (I had a post about it) & he looked so different afterwards. Very cute little Jacob though :)

Shanilie said...

Yes, it is very sad. I remember getting Jacob's hair cut for the first time, I wanted to grow his hair long like I have seen in some baby model pictures but his hair is just straight as a board!

Sarah said...

Got your question about the whippet. We have greyhounds, which are very different in temperment from whippets. From what I understand, whippets are pretty high-energy, whereas greyhounds are actually big couch potatoes (they just like to get some sprinting in now and then). As for smelling, I find that with the short hair, greyhounds smell less than most dogs. Good luck!

Drea said...

Awe what cute christmas outfits.
I saw a bunch at the store today... but most were for GIRLS! Grrr... :-)

Shanilie said...

Sarah - Thanks for the info on the dogs. I am still searching for the "perfect" dog. My brother just got a baby boxer but a little rambunctious for my liking.

Drea - I know! Not nearly as much out there for little boys.

Laura said...

Hey there,

Jacob looks so cute posing for the camera :-)
And of course in his new outfit!

Hope everything is allright over there.

Love, Laura

Shanilie said...

Aww, Thanks Laura. I always love your comments. I was looking at Christmas pictures of two years ago (family photo) that you were in. I couldn't believe that, that much time had passed already since you lived here. I hope you have a very special Christmas.

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