Jacob's 1st Halloween


For Halloween Jacob was Dash off of the movie The Incredibles. It has been one of Jacob's favourite movies for quite a while. Ryan and I like to go and visit family and get candy. When we were finished we went to the community hall where they were giving out bags upon bags of candy. They first organized this to help keep children off the roads because of traffic etc. It was so fun seeing all of the children in their costumes and seeing the excitement on their faces when the candy came. There was chips, chocolate, candy, suckers, pop, juice boxes and bags. Ryan will have a lot of snack for his future lunches. Jacob was fine the whole time but as soon as he saw Beth's scary mask he was pretty serious and didn't want to get his picture taken with her so you can see that Cathy is holding him beside her lol. By the end he took off his mask, gloves and matching boots. When we arrived at people's houses to get candy he would walk right in holding his bucket high in the air and as soon as he got his candy he headed back out the door. He knew what he wanted. I thought it was nice that the familiy bought food that Jacob would like. I made candy apples and gave him a fruit cup. Mom gave him small ritz cracker bags and a juice box, Doe and Granddad gave him raisins and smarties, and Cathy gave granola bars. He even got bananna bread and cookies at a friends house. Jacob was holding onto a cookie or crackr for almost the whole evening. He loved the juice boxes. A few weeks ago when we were in NB he learned how to perfect sucking through a straw.


Shanilie said...

Yes! Those muscles are real. Or you would think so anyway with the things that Jacob is able to lift. He helped Dad bring in some wood the other day and picked up logs almost as big as himself. Such a sturdy boy.

Ryan said...

What a memorable evening. We had such a great time. I love my amazing wife and son.

Anonymous said...

Aww, he was cute on Halloween & got SO much candy! My Kendall was scared of his older brother Justin's mask~I think it's just the age. Sounds like Jacob's 1st Halloween was a blast!

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