Jacob & Lunar Jim


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This is Jacob sitting with Lunar Jim. You all probably remember when I posted the pictures of Jacob at the mall waiting for Lunar but I didn't have the picture scanned of the two of them sitting together yet that the Lunar Jim helpers took back in October (about half way down the page)....but it here it is finally! Jacob sitting with Lunar Jim! As you can see I scanned the picture while it was still in the frame. It was free with the picture. It was a really fun day and an experience I am glad we didn't miss out on.


Drea said...

Cute pics... but who in the world is Lunar Jim :-) Ive heard of Buzz Lightyear, but not him hehe.

Shanilie said...

Lol, yes I have been getting that a LOT! Lunar Jim is a TV show on Kids CBC & PBS, it is on VERY early in the morning around 6:00AM right after the show Arthur. That is when Jacob gets up in the morning and that is what is on TV first thing in the morning.

Connie said...

Such cute pictures! I've never heard of Lunar Jim either, lol. But then again, Kendall isn't awake that early~I have to be up that early to get Justin off on the schoolbus for school but Kendall sleeps til 9 AM of after (there have even been a few mornings that he slept til 10 AM!). Great job w/the collage :) I agree~it's a neat program~thanks to Amber for telling me about it :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog this morning :)

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