Back From Boston


My trip to Boston went really well. It was great seeing Rebekah again and her two little boys - Carson and Logan. We did a lot of shopping and touring. It was a nice area and the driving company was awesome. Me, my aunt Cathy, and Cousin Elizabeth and my Grandmother Doe drove together for 14 hours. We had a lot of laughs. I thought that I was going to really being away from Jacob for 5 days (because we haven't been apart before) but I was reassured because Ryan, and my mom and dad looked after him. I talked to Jacob on the phone every day and when I got home Jacob started giving me a million kisses on the lips as fast as he could. It was so sweet! I bought Jacob the outfit that he is wearing in the pictures above with the foot ball on it. Very American lol. Ryan even surprised me when I got home. He shaved off all of his facial hair. He looked so different! But it looked great. He really reminded me of the man I fell in love with at Providence. Such a cutie!


Ryan said...

Our little driver. You can tell that Jacob is going to enjoy vehicles and anythign motorized. It is fun to watch him climb into the car behind the wheel whenever he gets the chance.

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics of Jacob :)

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