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My son is already going on 2 and I just as of yesterday got his one year record book finished. I got a beautiful Hallmark Baby Book at one of his showers but only very gradually was able to do much with it. Especially with having to move three times this last year it was hard to keep everything together. Believe it or not I was still unpacking a box that I had hidden away in the sun room that I completely forgot about. As I was going through it I came across a ton of things that I had stashed away to put in his baby book. I found a lot of cards from birth and all of his showers. His baby bracelets, ID in his hospital bed, his first movie stub, and a whole lot more. I was so excited to finally get his baby book finished and since he is almost 19 months there was no reason I couldn’t get the first year recap finished. I thought I would also mention some of Jacob’s firsts with this post as well. I am falling behind!

Here is a picture in Jacob's baby book of the first curl that was cut from his first hair cut. I cut a blue ribbon and tied it in the center of the hair and folded it in waxed paper to protect it and still keep it visible.

Jacob's Firsts

April 21 10:21pm Jacob was born “It’s A Boy”!
April 22 We napped together
April 24 We came home
April 25 Holding his head up/first follow-up appt.
April 26 First bath at home
April 30 Cord fell off
May 2 First Manicure
May 5 First Outing
May 11 First Smile
May 23 Sucking Thumb
May 28 First Baby-sitter
June 2 Slept All Night
June 13
2nd Check up/First Shot
June 20 Pushes Up
June 23 Playing With His Hands/Dad’s B-day
July 2 Coos and bubbles
June 9 Rolls Side To Side
June 11 Holds Rattle
June 18 First Laugh
August 8 Bats Objects
August 12 Blows “Raspberries”
September 2 Sat Alone
September 5 Holds Bottle
September 7 First Solid Food
September 18 First Vegetable
September 24 First Fruit
October 19 6th Month Check Up
November 7 Claps
November 10 First Tooth
November 13 Pulls To Knees
November 16 Creeps
November 26 Crawls
December 4 Stands
December 10 Another Tooth
December 19 Waves Bye Bye
February 7 Said “Da-Da”
February 13 Said “Ma-Ma”
February19 First Steps
Feb 26 Walking Exclusively
March 3 Used Spoon
April 21/06 Turns One!

Jacob enjoyed getting his hand and foot prints done. He kept pointing at the little dots where his toes were.


Drea said...

Thats an adorable baby book! Love the 1st curl

Anonymous said...

This was such a sweet post :) Just so you know, you're not alone about the baby book~I'm still working on Kendall's & he's 1 1/2 years old! I have 3 baby books that I received from showers so it's taking me a little while, lol! I WILL get them finished though. Wonderful post though :)

Shanilie said...

I am glad that i'm not alone too lol! Wow 3 baby books! Do you think you will use all of will you choose?

Anonymous said...

Your comments are working.

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