2 Christmas Trees!


This post is really just a mish mash of everything that has been going on in the last few days. I was finally able to get the top of my piano all decorated up. I started a “light up” house collection. I absolutely LOVE them. I am hoping to gradually collect more as the years go by and have a little lit up village. I feel a little silly with only 2 little houses there but hey, it is a start. One is a little school house that kind of reminded me of Ryan and I since we are both teachers, and the other one is a house with a tower that looks like a light house. I really thought it was appropriate seeing as I live on the Bay and there is a lighthouse on the other side of the road.

The above two pictures are of Jacob in his new shirt that he got from Granddad. He is serving our country in the Navy and just got promoted to officer. He travels away quite often and brings back gifts for everyone when he gets back. Kind of feels like a second Christmas. It is a Sweden shirt that he gave when he got home recently. My Dad even went away to the Middle East during 9-ll and was gone almost a year. We need to support our troops.

I finally took a few pictures of my two cats. Purrdy and Pepper. You can probably figure out which one is which with those names. They are almost four months old now. They make such a great addition to our home. They are so friendly and gentle with Jacob. I thought it might be difficult teaching them not to scratch but there hasn't been any of that.

And last but not least here is my miniature Christmas tree. In my piano/play room I have this tree sitting off in the corner. I love a house with more than one tree. I guess this one really doesn't count seeing as this tree is only 3' tall. I thought since we have the space why not put it up. Last year when Ryan was a student and we were living in our tiny little apartment this was the only tree we had at all last year. This Christmas is going to be a little different now that we will have 2 trees!


Connie said...

Oh, I love your little light up houses~& like you say, it's a start on your collection :) Cute pics of Jacob in his new t-shirt~he's so photogenic :) The collage of your cats is precious~I love cats too! And, there's not a thing wrong w/having 2 Christmas trees~this miniature one is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog too. Your little boy is super cute. Your cats are adorable as well. I love cats too. I'm gonna add you to my links list if that's okay.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea, where did you get this template? I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree it´s great ´´meeting´´ christian families, and it been amazing how friendships can actually be formed just by having blogs. You son is super cute, especially in his festive outfit.

Shanilie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always appreciate comments. They always brighten my day. Glad you enjoyed it.

Rachael said...

Hey shan!! Love the blog its looking awesome!!! TTYl LOVe yer Sis

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