After a wonderful weekend in New Brunswick, the long weekend topped off with an amazing gathering of family and food. Mom was working on the weekend and we both decided that having thanksgiving dinner at my place would be the best plan and I was thrilled with that idea. I love using my china! Mom stuffed the turkey and made the pies. Originally I had invited my grandparents (Doe & Granddad) over but they were quickly snatched up with another invitation. What I didn’t know was that they decided to go to that place another day and were counting on having dinner with us! I wasn’t worried because I always cook large meals because I don’t mind leftovers. But before I found that out I went and invited Cathy and all (Ben + Beth “The twins”) over and they were thrilled with the invitation. Cathy called and said that Patrick was going to be down for the weekend and asked if one more would be alright and I said sure. Then again they called and Daniel (pastors son + the people we are renting our house from) was down visiting with them and he was coming too! Around the same time, about 10 minutes before the meal Dad called me and mentioned that Nanny & Pappy hadn’t had an invitation and said I should invite them (he of course not knowing that anyone else was coming)! Lol. To make a long story short our “little” thanksgiving dinner with family turned into a large family reunion. It was wonderful. Thank goodness my dining room was large enough that I could set up another table last minute and decided to do things buffet style. Gordie even stopped in and had supper with us as well. What a wonderful memory. In total there was 18 people. Fun Times! I decided to put a pen and a piece of paper beside each place setting with a name written on it. The person sitting there had to write something they were thankful for with that person. It was anonymous and after the desserts we read them aloud. It was great! A lot of very heart felt things were written. I thought since it is called thanksgiving that we should incorporate that theme into our dinner rather than people just saying things they were thankful for. I will be doing that for the rest of the thanksgiving dinners from now on.

Buffet Table

Getting the carrots, brussel sprouts, broccli, corn, asperigus and of course the peroges. My dad is flipping them in this picture. We have included peroges in our special dinners since I was thirteen. I learned how to make them from my frien Allison when I lived in Saskatoon.

Aunt Rachael and Jacob playing some yard games

Rachael, Beth and Jacob

Ben, Gordie and Pat. Take a look at our split wood!


Dad said...

Everything tasted great Shan, especially the peroges!

Ryan said...

It was great to have a family all gathering together in our own home.

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