Our New Kitten Pepper


This is our new cat pepper. Ryan picked it out and named it. He had all six kittens crawling up his lap and this is the one who snuggled into him the most. Ryan was very excited. Most kittens haven't been too friendly to him lol but he is happy about having a kitten all his own. Ryan thought it looked kind of peppery in color but we all thoght that he called it that because of his love for pepper. He says it is God's gift to food! If any of you have been wondering how our trip went to New Brunswick I can honestly say it couldn’t have gone any better. It was great. We basically drove strait till we go to Fredrecton and got out to stretch our legs and get some gas. Jacob slept most of the way as it was around his nap time when we left. We left NS at 10 and arrived in NB around 3. We were only going to stay 2 nights but we were having too much fun and decided to stay three nights. It was great to see my cousins. Jacob loved playing with Halley and Maggie. Ryan even went to work with John Harve for the day since they needed extra hands that day and made a few extra $. Shannon and I spent most of our time shopping! It was great. I even got started on some Christmas shopping. We went across the boarder to Wal Mart in Maine which is only 10 minutes away and the exchange rate isn't that different right now. The prices were amazing. I will be planing a trip there again. After that we took the kids to the park. The last night that we were there we had a bon fire. We love those. It will probably be our last one before winter comes. The cat follows Jacob everywhere he goes. The trip home it slept on Jacob’s lap when Jacob was sleeping too. It was too cute. I know it looks like I uploaded a LOT of pictures but these are really just a few of my favorites. I usually only put my favorites on the blog or else this place might just start looking like a photo album but really if you want to see ALL of our pictures they will be in our home family albums lol.


Rachael said...

I love your cat you guys. So Cute. I can't wait till I get mine.

Erin said...

I'm not sure which is cuter, the kitten or Jacob. They are definately adorable together, but that goes without saying.

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