Kittens & 1st Road Trip


~Going To The Blois'~
Here are some pictures of the kittens we are getting from my cousins John Harve, Shannon, Halley and Maggie Blois. They are soooo cute. We have been looking forward to getting a kitten for the last year now. I had a cat in Manitoba for a year and I had it the year that I was teaching at the Christian school in the valley. So it was only two years old. She was the greatest company in Manitoba. It would have been pretty lonely without her. But she was sick and had to be put down. It was very sad. I have had a cat ever since I was a little girl, but I never knew that it would take this long to find a kitten. We looked everywhere. Then one day Shannon mentioned her cat had kittens and our search was over! I just didn’t want to have to go to the pet store and pay an arm and a leg just for a kitten.Jacob is getting very excited too. He loves animals.
We haven’t chosen one yet but Ryan Jacob and I are going to the Blois’ place from Thursday through Sunday to visit (We are looking forward to seeing you guys, thanks for having us), we enjoy visiting family. We have been planning this trip to New Brunswick for the last year now so....please pray for us. This will be Jacob's first road trip. It is a five hour drive to get there and Jacob has never spent more than two hours round trip in a car anywhere. Shannon and John Harve only live a few minutes from NBBI. They used to visit me at NBBI and leave little encouraging notes in my dorm room when I wasn't around. So sweet. While we are there we will also pick out a kitten and go to New Brunswick Bible Institute (NBBI) for the missions conference that is held every October. I love their weekend conferences. It was the conferences that made me love NBBI and want to go there. I graduated from NBBI 1999/2000 school year with my Diploma of Biblical and Theological Studies and was able to transfer my whole year to put me into my Junior year at Providence. Who would have thought I would have met my husband there. Lol. I vowed I wouldn’t find my spouse at “bridal” college but I guess God had other plans.


If any of you have the chance to go to an NBBI conference it is the greatest experience. They have one every fall and spring. It is held over the weekend and they provide free accomodations for the weekend. You usually get a dorm room for you and your familiy to stay in and all provided meals. They have the best music program I have ever heard. I even had the privelege of being in the NBBI choir. So many memories. I will keep you updated on our trip and let you know how Jacob was on his first road trip....yikes.


To look at NBBI's home page click on their crest above.


Rachael said...

We like the grey one on the bottom left. Enjoy the conference.

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