Jacob Got His Picture Taken With Lunar Jim!


Jacob had an amazing opportunity to see LUNAR JIM! (one of the characters from his favorite TV show, Lunar Jim). A few months ago while Jacob and I were watching Kids CBC Patty (the host) mentioned that Lunar Jim was touring across Canada and was going to be at the Mic Mac Mall in Halifax on October 14, 2006! Can you believe it only 50 minutes away. As soon as I found out I called my aunt Sandy (my best friend and matron of honor in my wedding) her children Jeremiah and Molly were THRILLED as well. So off we went. We arrived there as soon as the doors opened at 9:30am and there was still about a 10 minute line up when we got there. After a few minutes we looked behind us and there was a line up all the way down the mall to get your picture taken with Lunar Jim and the line up stayed that way the whole time that we were shopping. They took the picture and put it in a frame for FREE! They also had an activity area set up for children to color Lunar Jim coloring pages and to play with Lunar Jim toys. Jacob had a great time. We have a picture of Jacob sitting on his lap but I still have to scan that picture. I will post it on the blog soon!


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OMW!! Lunar Jim is adorable! I wish we had him in the states! I guess I will have to settle for Bob the Builder:)

Wendy said...
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