Jacob's Words


Dad Dadda Mom Mama Bubble Papa Hot Amme (Grandmie) Wa Sa (What's That) Hey Hey Hey Da Dad (granddad) Bug Puppy Nana (Banana) Up Yummmmmm! Phone Heart Hello! Bye Bye Truck Ewwww! Balloon Owww! Amen! Done. Tractor Ya! No! Home Uh huh Poko Hat Cracker Baby Bird Me Toy Boy Nemo Bo-Bo or (Bottle) Away Meow Ruff! See You! Why? Uh Oh Hippo Bee Baww (the cartoon) Cat Dog Please da do (thank you) Bath Toes Ni Ni (night when he wants to go to bed) Eye and he points to his eyes….and other parts of his body too…I’ll say toes then he’ll go “wee wee wee all the way home” I do the “this little piggie” story with his toes… He loves it! He can point to his nose when I say “where’s you nose”.

(I am TOTALLY going to regret saying this, but I'll say it anyway!) Guess What...Jacob has slept through the entire night for the past 6 nights, Falls asleep within 5 minutes of being put down for a nap or for night. I am still working on the bottle part. Jacob only has a bottle when I put him down for the night but with the recent move I don't think I will hurry him too much at this point. Too many changes all at once.

Hmm what else can I say about Jacob??? I'm not very good at the journaling part of bloging. I like to state the basics and let the pictures say the rest but I am going to work on that! Jacob made up this new game that when he squints his eyes at you it means he wants you to close your eyes and pretend to sleep so that he can come over and push you with his hand because he like to think that he startled you awake. He is brilliant and he makes me laugh about a hundred times a day!


Shanilie said...

Sooooo...................... cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Shanilie said...

ok so... the first post was me (rach) it is very cute all those word from my lil guy!!!
-xo Aunt Rach

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