Hello all. I just got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from my amazing husband. I know, not exactly an interesting topic to write about but I love flowers. They last for several days, they smell great, they bring life into a room, a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I have found that my greatest joy is seeing God through creation and marveling in the amazing details and thought put behind all of the thousands of flowers out there. I love sitting in my computer room, here I look up and see the beautiful view of the ocean and the waves hitting the shore. It shows me even more how real God is and His amazing love for us. Flowers are not just made for insects and birds to get "food" from but for us to enjoy. Praise God for his gifts he has given to us from creation. If any of you have been wondering what happened to the one year photo overview that I did of Jacob at the bottom of the blog...well, Ryan reformatted the computer and I lost all of my uploaded pictures so, when I have the time and the energy I will upload the pictures again. Check back in a couple of days and it should be back there. Also, I found a way that EVERYONE can leave comments.....not just other bloggers. So leave a comment if you would like. They are much appreciated, and all you have to do is click on comments and type a message in the message box and click other if you are not a blogger. Yes, there are usually a lot of changes being made on the blog but thank goodness it is faster than sending an email and it is not as time consuming as other things out there. Plus...computers play a large part in western society now, and I am sure enjoying it!


Rach said...

Hey you used my rose! lol

Shanilie said...

Tee hee, I know...It was just so beautiful, and the pink matched my blog background so well, and I had to write about my flowers from my hubby! :-) thanks Rach

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