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Jacob David Ryan (Meaning of His Name)
Jacob "Supplanter":
Jacob was named after his two great grandfathers Jacob Klassen and Jacob Gerbrandt
David "Dearly Loved":
David is my grandfather's (Granddad Singer's) middle name. He is an amazing man and am proud to have this in Jacob's name.
Ryan "Kingly One":
At the last minute Ryan and I decided to have two middle names and put in his name. Jacob is named after four amazing men.

Well, this is my first post for 2005! Jacob was born April 21, 2005 10:21pm weighing 7lb 14oz 20in long. Labor and delivery was a very difficult process. I was going on two weeks overdue and had an appointment to be induced that Wed. Then they sent me home and told me to come in when my water had broken. By Wed. evening I was having major contractions but I still thought it was too soon to go to the hospital so I tried to stay at home as long as I could. (and I thought I was doing great) By 3am in the morning Thursday the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and VERY strong and my water broke. Off to the hospital we went. When I got there, I wasn't even one cm dilated! I couldn't believe it. I was in so much pain and it was too soon to have an epidural because they usually wait till you are at least 2 cm. I had to wait 14 hours before I even got to 2 cm. and FINALLY they gave me an epidural. By 2:00pm in the afternoon I was exhausted. We waited a few more hours and still wasn't past 2cm. Then everything started to go a little more quickly I went from 2-8cm in a few more hours (and my epicural started wearing off and I asked for more but they said I couldn't because I was at 8cm) then after 4 more hours (it took about 4 hours....while still in pain to get from 8-10cm) till the time Jacob was born I finally got to 10 cm and after a total of one day and 23 hours of labor later the doctor said Jacob was positioned the wrong way and had to be delivered by cesarean section. I couldn't believe it after all that work and I had to have a c-section anyway! I was just so thankful that Jacob was a happy and healthy baby....and that it was finally over!


Wendy said...

Awww! He is so cute! I <3 baby pictures!

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